March 28, 2006

We would never be.... wouldn't we?

Glorious weekend? It's definitely not a glorious weekend for Malaysian, but for some of them, it was.

It was the end of the Commonwealth Game (CG) in Melbourne, Aussie, which Aussie as the host, as usual became the king of CG. I watched the closing ceremony which, if I was there, it would become an unforgettable moment for me. The fireworks were everywhere, not only in the stadium but also the whole melbourne city. That was something. The fireworks show was truly sophisticated, it may have been computerized, otherwise it couldn't be synchronized in such a way.

I was upset as none of the rhythmic gymnasts were able to gain a gold medal. Durratun, which I think is flexible and graceful enough, was always shadowed by Alexandra Michel Orlando of Canada. She has monopolized all the gold for the rhythmic gymnastic events. Durratun has done well enough but still Alex was far way better than her.

I would say, it was a glorious weekend for the badminton team. They're back in Malaysia with 4 golds. 2 were from the lawn bowl and another one was from the weightlifting contestant for 56 kg category, Mohd Faisal Baharom. KUdos to all of them. Next is in India.

Well, Malaysia could only claim itself as the best CG host. Melbourne wasn't only doing much better, they even ranked first in the festival. I wonder why Malaysia has always over rated itself. Come on! In this context also, we are no better than themlah!

Why was that? It's very rare that we became in any kind of sport. Nicol, the world 1st ranked squasy player were all by herself. Where's the backup? Is there any significant female squasy player like her in Malaysia? Badminton? China and Indon are far better than us. Sepaktakraw? I have no idea. We used to have major names like Mokhtar Dahari for Soccer, Adnan Saidin for Sepak Takraw, Rabuan Pit for atheletics, Sidek Brothers for Badminton, Nurul Huda Abdullah for Swimming and so many more!

One of the reason was that sports was over politicized. Rules like if you're not belong to an authorized sports association, you would never be allowed to participate in the competition should have not been there. This is killing us! Everyone should be given the same opportunity to take part in any sports even. Individuals, clubs and volunteery association should be allowed to organize their own event. Selection for team players should be opened to everyone. Not like the current way they are doing now, the selection invitation is limited; for those only was known to them.

Wrong! This is wrong! Any kind of selection must have been publicized widely. The media like the newspapers should work together to help our country to develop more and more athletes for the country. Recent effort, like what was done by Shabby for bulding up the MyTEAM for soccer must be complimented at most! See how many people were there to take part as they know, there's no such thing as open selection for them to be picked up to represent the country. Pathetic.

We would never be able to compete with the other countries, wouldn't we?

We all have heard that the government and the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) had voiced out their dissatisfaction towards the recent price decrease upon the introduction of the new National Automotive Policy (NAP). Najib said the price would have been decreasing a lot more, as it now is yet to satisfy the actual goal of the NAP itself. It is clear that the local carmakers were still keen on making profits rather than to have a bigger volume on sales.

Can you imagine, Perodua Kancil's price was just reduced by RM3xx as they said that it was still affordable. WTF? The govt. has reduced a lot of duties and tax, including the parts. Kancil's price should be at the price of maybe 4-5k only actually. But why they would never be able to do that? Because Kancil is Daihatsu's model. Remember? Perodua have to pay the royalty, tax, duties and so on. Now, even MyVI is a model of Toyota, which the model was Passo.

In the UK, Proton Wira's price was just 8-9k pound sterlings. Do not convert the money because the Brits were paid in pound sterlings too. Can you imagine how cheap are the cars in the UK? A small model of Fiat was just 5k++.

Malaysia was once like that. My father bought his Fiat 131 Supermirafiori at the price of $14k, back in the 1980. BMW was just $18k. Damn cheap if we can get that price nowadays.

We would never be like that, wouldn't we?

With the recent SPM result, a lot of good students with good results were produced. It has also resulted a much more limited placing for these good students to pursuit their studies, especially in the local universities. But we all know that it's the policy of the government to tabulate the marks so that the result can be more manipulative.

I would suggest that if we could, we would like to have a fix system where the grading is not fluctuating. We should maintain 90% and above for A1, 80%-89% for A2 and so on. The quality of the examination question should be raised. The questions were successfully predicted every year. They should have like 3 to 4 sets of question books for each paper so that the students won't be able to copy or predict during the examination.

The field specialization should be made as early as the students entered the intermediary school. Students should be allowed to determine their future within that period. Some might prefer to pursue in music, some would do mechanics, some maybe would love to do construction and maybe some would love to concentrate in sports and coaching.

That's the only way to prepare them not to be jobless in the future. The parents should open their mind that the success of living is not only achieved by doing engineering, medical or IT, but we all know that Siti Nurhaliza didn't have to go to any college to become a millionaire just by singing.

Anyway, those who would love to pursue in the science, mathematical, engineering, IT or business school should be given the opportunities to do so.

Badly, Malaysia is reported as lacking the number of doctors but this STUPID GOVT is limiting the entries to do MEDIC. I THINK I HAVE BRAIN BUT I STILL COULDN'T FIGURE OUT WHY THE GOVT IS SO CONTRADICTORY?

We would never be able to satisfy ourselves, wouldn't we?

The most recent, the GOVT people has only now suggesting to encourage people to use the ENVO DIESEL by reducing the road tax.

Other countries have done that long time ago. They encouraged people to use environmental friendly diesel engine (which are mostly turbocharged) by reducing their road tax too. With the latest tech in Diesel Engines, even without that OIL PALM additive, diesel engine would be a much more environmental friendly, compared to the petrol engine.

Malaysia has never been ahead.

We would never be able to be ahead of any country, wouldn't we?


* Zetty is currently having her hard time. I pray that everything would be going fine with her. Insya Allah....

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