March 17, 2006

Goin Back to the 50s...!

I don't really feel like continuing the previous posts, as it was too serious and I was actually driven by my anger.

I should have written about the impacts of the cancellation of the Mega Projects. Compare these.

Money for projects (reserved or loan) -> invested into projects -> Jobs for local people -> people spend for their expenses and debts -> business is kept running and the banks are able to collect their loans + interest -> taxes for the govt. is paid -> infrastructures is being used and people will still pay thus income for the govt -> govt will maintain the income through the maintenance of the infrastructure.

All above is considered that the projects are properly done, given to the right people for doing them. Compare the above with this ->

Money for projects (reserved or loan) -> not being invested into project -> kept in the bank for interest -> no money is flowing between the folks or money is static/stagnant -> people gain no benefit -> no infrastructure thus no paying is made back to the govt. -> people has no gain.

But that was quite a lame old story, as now the govt. has announced RM4++ Billions is going to be invested into upgrading the public transportation services. That means:
  1. More monopoly as most of the licenses will be terminated as i think they're going to integrate a lot of services.
  2. Cheaper transportation cost
  3. More efficient services
  4. Less cars on the road.
I'm waiting for how this project is going to be implemented. How effective and how long they are going to take their own sweet time.

For me, to come up with a plan, it should have come up with the proposal. They should have started it right away. What are they waiting for? They knew that they are going to increase the petrol price long ago. Why only now they announce the upgrading of the public transportation? What kind of politic is this?

If i were they, i would announce the project first and ask the people to get ready about the petrol price increase. That is more acceptable and I do think, Malaysians are not that stupid to do riot for nothing. When announcing something, they should have came up with the reason and plans. We're so thankful that they still subsidize certain transportation costs, thus the petrol price's increase wouldn't affect our groceries price, which is applicable for the time being.

Maybe it's time for us to change. Once the public transport is covering almost areas and being efficient, it's a sure thing that :-
  1. Transportation cost should be cheaper
  2. no more traffic jam as driving is costly thus less cars on the road
  3. We can manage our time in a much efficient manner
  4. Cleaner air.
But I was talking about KL and maybe major cities/towns.

What about those in kampung? We still need transportations, but maybe they would just change to bicycles or motorbikes.

It's like, we are goin back to the 50s :p

But it's okay! Traffic jam would actually cause serious stress to people. Less cars means less pollution.

We can have a healthier folks. As we use public transport, it's a sure thing that we have to walk a lot everyday. Sweat a bit people. Get healthier then.

Well, there are still a few issues to be taken care of. Criminals like robbers and snatchers, as this is important as a lot of people would be walking back home. How are we going to overcome this?

Not really in the 50s isn't it?

So maybe we still can own a car but only some purposes like
  1. Goin clubbing, karaoke or any activities after 9 o'clock at night. So maybe the govt would have to restrict the number of cars during the day and let people use their car at night.
  2. We can persuade people to use the motorbike as well, but they should have their own lane to avoid them scattering all over the road. There's a saying "Bawak motor macam bawak lori!" (ride a motorbike like driving a lorry!!!)
  3. We can do a system like in the singapore where to pass through certain roads they would need to pay toll automagically, like the smart tag thingy. Or maybe they should have a permit to drive in certain road during the daytime.
  4. Cars is permitted for girls, for safety reason but it must be restricted to certain local model with certain engine capacity (which is small), to ensure that the car is environment friendly.
  5. Every major public transport stations should be guarded with the police to ensure people's safety.
  6. Every bus stop should be guarded with CCTV so that people can stay in the seen area for their own safety, and they should be built within the area of a lot of people, but now snatchers are just everywhere
  7. The public transport must cover every route efficiently.
So maybe the petrol price increase is meant to persuade people to use the public transport, that I would say.

I myself, had done a few tremendous changes to get along with the recent fuel price increase:-
  1. I travel by bus from JB to Seremban, and drive my car only in KL from Seremban. Saves petrol and toll.
  2. I made calculations after every time i refill my petrol tank. My current usage my for my B16A is in between 11-14 km per liter even for town driving, which is quite high, but still best in it's own class (told by romdzi).
  3. I'm going to buy a second car, and it should be smaller, a MyVI or a satria.
  4. I shaved my head. I've problems with my scalp. I have to use expensive shampoos. Cut my expenses on that. I'm going to keep this baldness HAHA!
  5. Cut my handphone usage.
  6. When i go to KL, i just take RM500 with me.
  7. Cut on my food expenses.
  8. Maybe to cut on my entertainment expenses but it's hard for me to turn down invitation to go KARAOKE. Hehe. Maybe have to go to KARAOKE-kotak more often. Cheap. Just RM1 per song.
To think about it, this is quite viable, but i'm still disagree that the government has to increase the fuel price. Petronas money is still going to the government. The government can still use the money no matter what. At least, to increase the price, ensure the public transport is ok first then only u increase the petrol price.

Eh guys, have u heard the rumours saying that there are a bigger reserve of OIL has been found in Kelantan's seashore?

Maybe it's there, but the reason why they never want to start dig it out is just of one reason:-


Hehehe.. back to the 50s people..!

(Next, tips on how to drive your car to maintain fuel efficiency)

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