March 2, 2006

Things That You Probably Don't Know About Moi

When i was bloghopping around, i've passed thru an entry, "choses que vous ne connaissez pas probablement au sujet de moi", which was written in french. It means, Things That You Probably Don't know about Me. How do i read that? Babelfish Translate!!!!!

Well, i was excited when i was checking out the visitor's list of my blog just now when i see visitor from google.....

What? GOOGLE?????????

What the heck were they doing in here. Hahaha.. Fishy.. it looks very fishy.. Why eh?

Can u see it?
Well in here, i've got visitor from Motorola Singapore and err.. MyKris Asia? It's quite amazing that a private limited company can have it's own block of ip address with it's own DNS, and also connecting to the internet using the DNS name. Maybe they were using only one gateway to get out to the internet.

Well, let's get into business. Things about me that you probably don't know are:
  1. My Birthday is on the 23rd January 1997 (Yes, i'm already 29 this year).
  2. I've a natural tattoo on my right hand. It looks like a cooked burger.
  3. Nick Names: Atuk, Kid, Slash, Tenno, Bai and Along.
  4. I've a few best friends that will be my best buddies forever; Omen, Hemsem, Romdzi, Taiko, Lego, Wira, Farok, Bisu and Pakcik. Only me, omen and hemsem were still single.
  5. I love eating ice-cream with HL Vanilla milk. It tastes like a shake! What about a custom made ice cream shake. You can have as many ice cream as u like. And Different flavour of your taste!
  6. I'm slightly overweight. My ideal weight is just 63kg but now i'm weighed at 74kg.
  7. I think i'm quite a fast driver. With my stolen-GTI, I used to clock 0-100km/h within less than 6 seconds. The advertised time was 7.8 seconds.
  8. I used to fall asleep while driving at the speed of 180-200 km/h on the highway. That explains why nowadays i'd prefer to travel by bus rather than driving my car.
  9. I hate malaysian roads! It caused me a lot to repair my car!
  10. I'm very good at cooking Prawn Masak Lemak Cili Api.
  11. I'm quite good at preparing BBQ and salads.
  12. I can sit in front of the PC with an Internet Connections as long as 2-3 days continuously.
  13. My longest conversation on the phone was like 17 hours. It was terminated because i fell asleep. Farok was mad at me because his GF cannot call the room.
  14. My highest phone bill was RM756.44. Not that high eh?
  15. I used to drive from Serdang at 5.30 and reached my house in Johor Bahru at 8.15. On my way, I dropped by Senawang for 30 mins to pick up my sister and stopped at Tangkak Rest Area to go to the toilet for 20 mins. I was driving my Proton Wira 1.5 GLi. It used up the whole full tank of petrol!
  16. I love watching TV especially Pasion de Gavilanes with my Mother.
  17. The lowest fuel consumption i've ever recorded was with my Proton Wira 1.5 Gli. I drove full tank from JB and reached KL, not even a quarter tank. I refilled and it only consumed like 11 liters.
  18. I learn how to drive with my father's volkswagon! I used to go around Malaysia with both the Beetle and Combi, along with my friends.
  19. My handphones are cheapos, much-much cheaper than the phones that my siblings are using.
  20. I can sing, play guitar, bass, drums, a lil bit of piano and keyboard. I love going to Karaoke, very much!
  21. I was embarassed a few times while performing on stage. The first time was when we were out of beat while playing Whiskey in the Jar. The second time was when the bass was not properly tuned up and i forgotten the lyrics.
  22. The first time on stage during the management night was awesomely something to remember. I sang 'Sister' by the Nixons and Omen sang Sekaiga Owa Ruma Dewa (Tragedy Night) next. We were practising like mad. Didn't go to the class for 2 weeks for training.
  23. In 1997, i had 2 terrible accidents. Early of the year and end of the year.
  24. I'm invulnerable of any emotional attack! You can do anything to me as I won't really care. Hahaha. I used to be a super jealousy person but it's useless. But I'll revenge if somebody messed with someone I love. I'm not a mood-influenced person. I can straight away laugh after i was mad or angry.
  25. I like to bully/tease people. No bully no life. No bully no friend-making also. No bully no love as well. Bully is a way for me to get close to someone.
  26. I tried to steal just to feel the fun of doing it. I was nearly caught. It wasn't fun ok!
  27. I may cry watching a sad/touching scene on TV or cinema. Last time i did was when i watched Buli Balik by Afdlin Shauki. The last part reminds me of the fellowship between me and my friends. It was really touching. I didn't realize that my tears were dropping fast!
  28. I love babies. I love small kids too. I really love it when these small kids loves me.
  29. In my GTi, i was once chased by a patrol car. I lose them when I actually went off the highway at the Port Dickson exit. I was worried if they were still looking for me.
  30. I'm sleepy right now. It's been too late.


* Anyway, check for Chris of the American Idol 5. I love him very much. He ROCKS! American Idol reviews and summary next!

** Eh eh, have u heard that, with the petrol's price increment, the government wants us to change our lifestyle! They want us to reduce spending. If this happens, how could we move the economy. More on this in the next episode of 1,001 Nights of Petrol Stories!

*** Maybe Eejay's hubby was right. Make more babies and feed them with stone. In my case, I can only cause the blockage with my semen lah!

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