March 8, 2006

Malaysian Economy (con't)

Haha.. I've just received a pantun regarding the recent price increase of the petrol in my Malay blog. Please check out It's in Malay language. I just 'copy-and-paste'ed it in my malay blog.

Why I don't really like the government to announce that the current economy is good?

In certain aspect, it looks good as from the view of the people/investors outside Malaysia, out economy is stable enough, for them to put their money in here.

I hope so.

In fact? I'm not so sure about it. People still keep going to China to invest their money. Why? Their economy is good but still the production cost in China is the cheapest.

No wonder why the govt. had to push the folks to concentrate on agriculture. That's the only way to continously become the resource producing country. I wonder, is it possible for us to do so as the cost is so high;. Yes, the government is subsidizing a lot of things but still, it's either the responsible officers or the people itself is corrupted.

When the govt supplied the subsidized fertilizer, it's either:-

1. The officer keep some portion for themselves and sell it off.
2. The subsidized folk also sell it off.

So actually, no one is actually being serious of doing agriculture. But then, for me, if the Pak Lah is so serious about being a farmer, why don't he himself start one! It would be a good example for other.

Maybe, it's just a dream.

Another reason why I don't like the economy is being reported as good is because, the perception of people itself.

First, if I'm the foreign investor, i will think that the folks here are having a good level of living, so the cost of living is also high. The labour cost is also very high. So why should I invest there? Their economy is good enough. I should have taken advantage of the place where economy is bad, people badly need job. Needy people won't care if they are being paid cheap. But that's just me. I myself would think like million times if I want to do something with my money.

Second, the local people itself. They would less worry. They would still buy things even though there is a high pointers of inflation. That's too bad. The economy shouldn't be reported as really good, as there are still a quite high number of inflation. Our local people is not united enough to boycott things. The consumer and labour society is at a very pathetic level, as is there's no difference whether they are exist or not. For most people, they don't care about the economy, as long as they can get their pay at every end of the month. When I was working, I don't really care too about the economy.

Third, the banks will take the advantage to increase the interest rates. That's already happening now. And worse, people would still buy the car. Why eh?

I wonder why they still announce the economy is still in the good 'growth' level as:-

1. Inflation rate is at around 7-8%. Developed countries with a very strong base of economy would have the inflation rate of from 0-2%.
2. A lot of mega projects has been cancelled.
3. We're still putting high taxes on cars. Imagine in Australia, A 3 series BMW can be bought if u add another AUD$5000 to the price of Waja. Remember, every one in Aussie is being paud in Aussie dollar. Do not compare RM converted to AUD$.
4. RM value is very low. Most of the materials are still being imported. How could our product compete with the lower price of the product from the developed countries itself? For example cars from Japan/Korea are a lot cheaper than Proton, if we consider them without the TAX.
5. There's no such significance events/projects like during Tun Dr. M, the so called 'kuku besi' time, but the economy is still as good as we're still having all those? I wonder..

There's a lot more reasons but it was just disappeared as I went here and there.

Well, they should have just reported the economy as not good. Why?

1. The people will worry and work harder.
2. Even though there would be people who would went to overseas to work, they send in mney from there. Would it be good to steal other country's wealth and bring it back home? Don't u think that right now, a lot of Malaysian Wealth has been transferred to a lot of other poorer countries? So bad isn't it?
3. Poorer countries would never want to send their people to work here. Our economy is bad too, why bother to work here?
4. Thieves, robber, snatchers will think twice. If they rob, will people have money for them?
5. The bank will not take advantage upon people. The economy is bad, would people be able to pay higher? No. So they'll even lower the interest rate, which is kewl.

Well, this is just my stupid opinion. All are these business/economical theory are made by people. What's wrong if we don't bother about them and try our own approach in handling the economy.

Tun Dr. Mahathir may have smiled when he heard about all this. He must have known all these earlier so he passed it to someone else to handle before things become worse hahaha.

Well, i would still love you Dr M. for what ever things you have done.


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