March 10, 2006

Cancellation of Mega projects.

The cancelling of the Mega Projects might have occurred due to a few things:-
  1. Conflict of interest between Pak Lah and Dr. M
  2. Conflict of interest between the people or Pak Lah and the people of Dr. M
  3. Pak Lah has got something else to do with the money
  4. Pak Lah has some other ways to make money
  5. Pak Lah maybe do not want to make money or do not know how
  6. Malaysia maybe do not have enuff money (but still can do a lot of other things eh? Raise, Bonus? Why is that?)
For the first and the second reason, which the conflict of interest, I would see it as something like this. For instance, all the mega projects has been awarded to the people of Dr. M, but Pak Lah's people didn't get any so he decided to cancel 'em, due to none of his people and he himself were benefitingn from the projects. To reaward is not possible, so the easiest way is to cancel them, and use the reason to 'save money' to cancel them.

Or maybe, Dr. M has done all the ground work before, so people recognized those projects as Dr. M's projects, not his. In order to get himself out of Dr. M's shadows, he cancelled all the projects! (and if you noticed, that was among the first thing he did afterall).

Instead of continuing the continuous development proces of the country, Pak Lah chose to do things his way. Dr. M was popular as someone who likes to spend the country's money to develop the country and add more debts to the country as well. All the things Pak Lah has done was totally contradictory towards what Dr. M has done.

The reason of 3-6 were just my naughty guesses (because i know who would care of naughty opinions as well), it seems to be true also, since the country's wealth is not getting anywhere. The economy is good but still the govt. cannot stand the high expenses and what not. I just don't understand. If the economy is good, is growing, there must be some increment in the income, but still, it cannot cope with the increment of the expenses.

An interframe, just like PLUS (the highway operator), are they making money? They manage to give 3 months bonus every year to their employees, but still, they were increasing the toll every 3 years, to cope up with the expenses and to pay the debt to the banks. Why folk's money? Last year they reported an increase in profit, and where did this money goes? Why don't they use the money to absorb most of their operation cost, and pay their debts a lot earlier than schedule?

Just like any other Malay Monkey Business. Duit belum nampak tapi sudah beli BMW. (Business haven't started but they've already bought a BMW). If they pay the debts much earlier, the concession will be shorter. Now the concession is not only longer, but i cannot imagine how much is the toll price from KL to JB at the end of the concession.

They only think of making money, without considering the impact of inflation.

Back to business, yeah, the government is not making money at all, as if they really make money, they can absorb a lot of other expenses. The govt. officers were not asked to sacrifice their expenses as well. The govt. ministers should have been asked to cut down their expenses, and ask them to even use the public transport.

I was really f*cked up when every time i drive in KL, there would be some ministers passing by really fast even through the traffic jam, being escorted by the Traffic Officers. Not only they get to pass really fast, they even save their petrol as they don't have to go through the jam.

That's why they never care about the traffic jam because, they would never have to go through them. And still, they ask us to use the public transport? What the f*ck? I agree that they are going to upgrade the public transport services, but why only now? Why not years before? That really shows that the thinker groups of the current govt is very weak. The mega Projects that has been cancelled includes the project of the fast train passage direct from JB to KL.

If i say Corny? Hehe. Why? Cancelling the previous mega projects of transportation, but now due to the recent price increase, Pak Lah has reraised the project with the new agenda without the folks realizing that it's just a revamped version of previous project, with new agenda, same objectives, same thing but new beneficiaries.. hahaha.. fishy.. :p

It's like been planned. In order of chronologies :-

  1. There are existing projects. Maybe he doesn't like the beneficiaries, he cancelled, but he told people, we have no money. Instead, if we don't have money, why don't we work on it? Why is he keep going overseas? Now is the modern world. We can always use chat, phone call or even Net Meeting to discuss. You say no money but you keep going here and there. Cakap x serupa bikin, suruh orang jimat tapi dia yang belanja lebih.
  2. So he did not do anything to overcome the petrol price increase. He just let the price goes up. All the other tax also goes up. At the same time do not want to protect Proton. What is he trying to do?
  3. Now the petrol is extremely high, so he started up the transportation projects again. By the way, he intended to use our own money, not to borrow, or get investors. So, I do not see any feedback from his visits from overseas. What was he doing there? Holidays? Hello. It's people money, you go here and there konon for halal hubs? Where is halal hub?

And now, even singapore has move farther from us to become the islamic banking center for this region by changing their policy to allow foreign middle east banks to operate in here. Malaysia LEMBAP!!! Singapore is not even an islamic country. Malaysia? Konon islamic country.

Sad.. isn't it. Well, this is not an accusation in any kind of form. It's just that a theory, of what is might happening in actual.

DO NOT FORGET, that Pak Lah was once one of the UMNO betrayers, together with KULI and Tan Sri Musa Hitam. Even an ex-convict would be accused for things he did not even did, Pak Lah betrayed not even Dr. M, but the govt. and even UMNO or Barisan Nasional(BN) in general. He caused Dr. M to lose his BN's chairman position for a few minutes. That few minutes was the most critical time ever, since anything can happen in that few minutes. Luckily, the MCA president was kind enough not to misuse his power and return the position back nicely to Dr. M.

These are all facts! You should read the history of how do we have the UMNO and UMNO(B) which means 'Baru'(new). And read how KULI tried to challenge Dr.M for the post of UMNO president in 1987, and luckily Dr.M won but as they were so upset, KULI and his team managed to get the original UMNO which was registered in 1946 to be deregistered, but these sick people start Semangat 46, as if they are the original UMNO. Even though Pak Lah was not involve, but he was in KULI's political camp, even though he was the Defense Minister. That was about less than 20 years ago. Even at that time, Pak Lah was envy of and disloyal to Dr.M, and it's possible that he's still envy at Dr.M.

Pak Lah was lucky, after 2 years of doing nothing, Dr.M readopted him to the government, after he was dropped off the cabinet as the defense minister. When Pak Lah was a defense minister, remember we have a lot problem with the just bought air fighters? What was happenind at that time?

Consider an ex-convict. If an ex-convict were known as a thief, then a robbery happen somewhere around where he was, the police will surely accuse him of doing it. Pak Lah was dropped off the cabinet and opposed the UMNO's president as well.


My opinion are based on all these facts.

I guess, Dr. M is making a lot of mistakes by hiring disloyal and betrayal people since the beginning. Starting from Musang Hitam (as the Sultan of Johor called him), Saudara Anwar Ibrahim (as he previously know as) and now Pak Lah.

So sad isn't it?

(to be cont'd)

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