March 19, 2006

Getting Back to Normal + Tips on Driving..!

After weeks of rageous and anger, I'm now sitting at the back of the kitchen.

MUNCHING. As usual.

But I consume only healthy food. Reasons?

The worrying of surviving in this so called challenging living has caused me a lot of stress, lowering my metabolism, which at the same time my brain keep working all the time, even in my sleep. I tend to consume more food than usual, my body was getting tired easily and i feel numb at certain places, at times.

Resulting me to have excess weight, excess fat near the waist and high pulse rate.

It was all contributed by a lot of problems lately, my work, business and even some people just creating and giving me problems. I just cannot take it. I need a way out of all this.

I should have checked on my blood pressure too. Hmm.. At the age of 29, I can't believe myself to be having to face these kind of problem.

I've just realized it last night. I must have forgotten to tell you guys that I've signed up with Clark Hatch Gym Club, just for RM950 per year, which means at about RM80 a month. Quite cheap isn't it? I'd be able to enter any Clark Hatch Gym anywhere in KL as well.

So it happens that I went there for the first time last night. My idling heart pulse rate was around 130++. When I do workout, it will boosted up, even up to 170 ppm (pulse per minute). I was like WTF? The trainer even said that I might have problem with my heart. He asked me to concentrate on cardio for the first few weeks.

As I can remember, few months back, I'm quite conscious with all these thingy. I keep taking my own reading for my own heart pulse rate, which at that time it was around 65-75 ppm. Tonite, i made my own reading, while lying down, my heart rate is 90 ppm.

So I would as well anounce that, today, March 18 2006, is my last day of smoking. This is for real. It lowers my energy level and reduce my stamina.

Despite of the joy that my bro had just passed his SPM with flying colours last Monday, which he managed to get 8As and 2Bs, I myself managed to lose 4 kgs for the last 2 weeks.

10 years ago, I was so obsessed with chatting and phone calls that caused me not to go out and just stay in my room, waiting for someone to call me up or to wait for someone to chat with me. Due to that, I was so thin, I reduced weight from 70+ to 54 kg. Sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't. I don't even go to the classes.

Err.. can I do that again? I bet not. My mom is a super good cook.

Been quite sometimes that I was away from the keyboard. In the last post, I notice a lot of typos and grammatical errors, but, I think that it would be much better if i just leave it as it is.

So, I've been bloghopping for the last 2 days. It's like a trend that everyone would update their blog in the start of the week, and maybe a short note on the last day of the working weekdays. And no more update after that.

My blog? I would usually update it on Thursdays, Fridays, or if I'm lucky, i'd be able to blog on Saturdays and Sundays. Unless I'm in JB, I can do it everyday.

I really hope that i can overcome this stress thingy. Owh god, I just cannot take it when people do not understand that I'm overly stressed, and they still pushing me on something. Gosh! So I had come out with this plan.
  1. Visit Gym everyday if I'm in JB.
  2. If I'm in KL, I'll be going swimming. I Just had a crash course on swimming last week and for the first time ever, I was able to bubble. I have no problem with swimming, it's just that I must learn the breathing technique.
  3. Stay away from cat, the furs always stuck in my throat, thus caused me losing my breathing rhythm, thus instable Heart pulse rate. I didn't hate cat, I just dislike them. I hate it when people insisting me to like cat, but thinking of what cats had done to me, I feel like annoying them each time I see 'em.
  4. Reduce my worry on money, by reducing my expenses.
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Consume less dangerously food.
  7. Drink more water. Less content of water inside the body can cause stress

So here's the tips on "Driving Your Car With Optimized Fuel Efficiency"

What you can do while driving.
  • avoid traffic jams
  • if happen that you still have to drive even though the place is so near, switch off the aircond
  • but while driving on the highway, use the aircond. winding up your screen will add aerodynamicity of your car thus better fuel efficiency.
  • on the highway reduce braking. maintaining consistent speed is good
  • reduce sudden acceleration. accelerate slowly because your car will still be moving
  • try not to step so much on the accelerator. once your car had reached the desired speed, destep and step again, adjust it so that it would be able to maintain the speed
  • reduce gear switching while driving
  • For auto car, if the car's not moving, the gear should be put to 'N'. this has got something to do with the gear wear & tear, but with good automatic gear oil, the wear & tear can be reduced so much!
  • use proper gearing when driving. forcing the car to move at lower speed with higher gear will cause you to press the accelerator more, thus more fuel will be injected into the engine
  • try not to carry much weight with your car
  • you should check the RPM meter while driving. for most cars which power is kept at lower range or engine rev, keeping your car's rev below 3000 RPM is very good. for performance cars, keeping the speed between 100-120 kph (60-75 mph) with the 5th gear is the optimum engine operation. For most PROTON cars, on the 5th gear you should run contantly at around 90-110 kph. For perodua, it 80-100 kph. For BMW, Mercedesz and other luxuries, they are crazily consuming fuel, but a few gadgets would help, but they are running lean on the highways as well

What you can check or do with your car?
  • make sure the engine oil is suitable for your car type, and make sure that you car is serviced properly. bad engine oil will affect the efficiency of your engine
  • modern engines are designed to be running at it's optimum performance at lower temperatures. removing the thermostat (ask your mechanic for this) will help your car's temperature to go down, thus lowering the temperature of the engine
  • your tyre's air pressure is above the minimum requirement. lower pressure will cause more force to move the car
  • doing the porting & polishing of the engine's head will cause a slight power increase as better air flow is achieved. thus, better fuel efficiency especially on the highway (ask your mechanic)
  • aerodynamic bodykits will also help the car with the fuel efficiency
  • redoing the air flow system properly (from air filter, extractor, mid muffler, piping and end muffler) will also increase slight power as it will affect the throttle opening
* I will add more points

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