November 22, 2005


Imagine some nigga's car being hit at the back and,


That's how I felt last night. Me and My Family was just done with shopping at the Free Duty Complex in Stulang, JB. After our Maghrib Prayer, we were about to go to Plaza Angsana. I was about to buy some gas for the Volxy I'm driving when my father called me informing that his car was being hit from the back by a recklessly driving motorcyclist, in a traffic light junction very near to the Traffic Police Station. The motorcyclist went coma and I rushingly driving over to the police station to see what's happening.

My mom said, Kalau kita tak langgar orang, orang pulak yang langgar kita (we may not hit people, but people may hit us).

I always keep that in mind. I've had involved in 2 major accident in the year of 1997. They happened as early as January, and another one occured somewhere in December. The January's accident happened during the 3rd day of Raya, where the volxy I'm driving was wrecked like hell but thank god I'm safe and alive. It was all happened because I was trying to avoid a cat (see how much I love cat, but now, I won't avoid it as it's not worth it at all). My car turned upside down. All the four tyres were facing the air.

The December's accident, I was on a motorbike, and I was hit, as a result of confusion, as the car driving in front of me, did not put on the signal light as it was going to the right, where at that time, I was thinking that the car was going to the left as it was moving closely to the leftside of the road.

Later I found myself 'Under The Car' (i've made myself a song for this incident hahaha). My body was facing the ground. My knee was so in pain. I can hardly lift my legs as they were so near to the extractor, and everytime i lifted my leg, my skin would be burned by the heat. I wanted to pull myself off the car but my right side of my tummy's skin and flesh was squeezed/pressed under the right side front tyre of that Proton Satria.

Was hospitalized for 11 days. I recovered so fast as there were a lot of people, even those who I's never know came and visited me in the hospital. One of the best 11 days of my life.


The motorcyclist was hospitalized. As my father asked for the relevant information, the people with the hospitalized motorcyclist asked my father not to report the incident as they are going to settle it outside the court.

Lemme tell you guys. Don't ever do that. Anything to do with traffic accident, you should report it to the police. We are so working like crazy to pay the MPs to hold and create the Laws, why should we not use it. It is very important, as in the first place, to protect yourselves from being inconsiderately being bullied by those who wants to take advantage over things. (Especially the female drivers, be careful yah!)

My father was even mad, when the person who talked to my father asked, how to get his son to work in my father's department.

What's wrong with the people?


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