November 17, 2005

Bila mak balik kampung....

When mom's off to hometown....

It was early in the morning when my mom woke me up and asked me to help doing a few house chores after she leaves. As fussy as she is, she's going off to Seremban for whatever things that has to be done, as for the preparation of my brother's wedding. The house was so empty when she left, with both of my sisters, Adik and Farah. So empty. So quiescent.

When the night is knockin on the door, I realized that even just for one day, I've started to miss my mom and my sister especially Farah. It's a prompt phenomenon whenever people who used to be around me all the time were suddenly out of my sight.

As Farah is now on her school holiday, she would never stop coming into my room and do things to distract me. The TV would be switched on the whole day as my Mom is the only TV freak at home. I was a TV freak too. We used to watch soap opera together, most of the time.

Abviously amazing, someone who really misses them badly was my father! Talking to him wasn't as fun as if both of my Mom and Farah were home...

So that's why i always missed people who has been so close around me.


Yesterday, after i've not been watching the news for quite sometimes, i was totally alarmed with the updates of the 'so-called-muslim-terrorist' who recorded themselves on the video on TV3. The news was covered for almost the first 15 minutes of the news programme. It was an edited version for the purpose of viewing of the Indonesian Govt.

A clip of Dr. Azahari's (the most wanted so-called-terrorist, holding a malaysian nationality, operating in Indonesia, recently died in a suicide of escaping the police ambush over his place) brother asking for forgiveness of his brother (he even cried sometimes and cannot proceed with talking) from the whole people of Indonesia.

Does he cried for the demise of his brother or because of the unfinished business of his brother. Highly educated, Dr. Azahari was suspected to be leading a wide network of so-called-terrorist in the South East Asian Region.

Even that I logically think that what they have done is not so smart, but from the bottom of my heart, I have a feeling that these people need to be helped, by actually make them realize that, as a human, we are given with the ability to make full use of our brain, and our heart, plus the guidance from the Holy Quran and Sunnah, to make a better living, and live the living the right and much proper way, and peacefully.

I just wish that all of us can live peacefully for the rest of our life, AMIN.


As I was reading a friend's blog (Muzi), I found it freakin disturbing that those weirdos actually have a lot of time to form a Fan Club, get it messed up and quit as they get themselves being sucked up. And they even called up the media.

I was talking about MAWI fan (err.. I'm not one of those MAWI FANS ok!!). It's just intriguing that has made to say something about it in my blog.

I don't get it. Really! Those are people who are willingly forming a FAN CLUB of an artist (which most of the other artist Fan Clubs were formed by the artist him/herself), but as in normal political scenery nowadays, they do it with an expectation in return. And up to my surprise, is it OK for a FAN CLUB to actually determine the direction of the artist?

What's wrong with this people. Are they going to be a fan or to be the manager? They expect MAWI to do things in their favour, which I believe MAWI has it's own flavour of doing things as well.

What I can say, it's not MAWI that i disliked. It's just THE FANS!

I'm totally agreed with Muzi, they are just parasites!


I'm loving what I'm doing now. I read people's blog and actually I get to learn a lot of things from them. Xazuru for example always write about things he learnt. At the same time, I learnt. He's a young Malaysian studying in Japan! Hei bring me back a skyline parap pap pap paa! Hehehe..

Lim Kit Siang is just another favourite blog of mine! He's a very liberal person, with the oppositive alignment (what's oppositive anyway, or maybe i've just created that?). Not to be tha bad influence on me, i like his rational and critical thinking which he's sometimes getting much towards the negative side of things rather than the positive side. Even though I'm in a lot of disagreement with a lot of things, no matter with the govt, people, friends, and I argued, deep from my heart i always believe, there's always a good things (gawd, this is just so contrary with what you guys are looking at me now but it's true!) behind everything.

I'm a critical thinker, which I will always be on the positive side, and that explains why my ex-girl friend always mad at me for doing this. I'll be so abusive once i'm getting on the negative side, hahaha! I think most of us will be doing the same.

I don't know, heats created from such discourse (positive vs negative) is actually a process of interaction. Do u talk about your life to people every single minute? Yes, there are people doing it. Elly told me that girls sometimes only talk about their boyfriend or even with the 's'. But does life interaction has to be within all the good things to listen? Why not we take sometimes to think about all the bad possibilities?

Ida's blog is always about her kelam-kabut life (Tina i think u're not kelam kabut). But I really think that, that's what i think maker her sounds so cute to me. Hahaha. I'm always like waiting for Kak Zuni's advises (oh yeah kak Zuni, just did with the Sujud Syukur last nite).

Zamil were talking about his exams! And his not so determined love life. He's been so reserved to himself, as I'm worried it might hurt himself later. Saying things out is hard, i believe I cannot do that too. But I will do, if I really think that i'm gonna love her for the rest of my life. I agree, we males can't accept rejection. But think about it, there's nothing to worry unless you're ready to lose her. It's better to lose than not getting her at all. Would you able to see someone else holding her hands? Me? Sorry I can't. I can't even imagine that. I'll be mad, sawan, sakit jantung and what so ever..

Interesting experience of Tina out of her blog, about someone who live expensively (wow, i salute u for not liking such a lifestyle, as it's no life at all) proposing her. Hehe. Your 6-post a day is not a freaky thing la dear. You have a lot to speak up.. so CAKAAAAPPPP! (macam director ahmad nisfu suruh bujang lapok cakap)

Sarclover told us about her younger friend who fell in love. She's just too young to do that? Maybe, but just let her be. Otherwise she won't learn! It's all about learning from mistakes! Then when it comes to MadnessInVain's blog, i'm speechless! Because I don't understand a single thing (during first read). Most blog, i just read through the text by getting the main points, but not this time.

I've to read it so many times!


Remember Arfa Adriana? I have this weird feeling about myself when I went to read the blog of, those who has gone seeing the Creator. As this trend has been started by Kean, he showed me this blog, who happened to be his friend, while she was still alive.

A friend of her, Reen, by the request of so many people, had composed an entry, at least something to tell about Arfa Adriana. Check it out here.

Roger 'n' out. Off for the Jumaat Prayer.


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