November 21, 2005

Reflexology and Sexuality.

Let us have some open discourse. Open your mind as broad as possible as this discourse might made u think that I'm a pervert, but I'm to emphasize that sexducation and health is two related things that we might have overlooked. Please treat this article as an information sharing, as I've learnt most of this information from my married friends, as most of my friends are married, and I do think I'd like to share the information to whoever you are, married or yet, still you are going to get married in some other time. It's not about sex, but it's something to help you (males) to learn/know about yourself sexually, especially when we found out something wrong about yourself (which I always did). Girls, reflexology is definitely your way to go for your health!

I brought up this issue / matter as after considering a few cases and testimonials, which include myself.

Have u heard reflexology? It's actually a study of reflex responses, especially as they affect behavior. It's also being associated with a method of massage that relieves nervous tension through the application of finger pressure, especially to the feet. It's so easy to do, as we can do it at home, using any of the suggested device below.

As in reflexology, every single point at our feet is connected to an organ. The point that is pain when being pinched, indicate that there's something wrong with the organ it represents. I'm always having problem with the intestine, pancreas, anus and right shoulder. Other than that, as for regular massage, each massage may improve the condition of the body organs, thus improve the blood circulation.

Yesterday, when I was on my way back to JB together with my three friends, we dropped by the Pagoh R&R station and after having our drinks, I decided to buy a pair of Reflexology Sandal I saw when I was about to walk over to the food court. As in the picture above, it costs me only RM12.

I decided to buy it after an incident, which happened when I was in KL. A few weeks back, as I was in KL, there was one night, I went up my apartment without taking any of my sandal/slipper with me. At night, I decided to go to the CyberCafe to do a few things. The only thing available for my feet was the reflexology sandal, owned by one of my housemate.

No choice, I just put it on and walked to the cybercafe. It was horrible! Damn noisy and painful. I didn't expect it to be that painful. I walk so slow as not to endure the painship. The lasting 800m of walk was in fact an incredible experience. I went on bed and surprisingly, I slept like I was so tired.

When I woke up in the morning, i was so freshen up. I had never had such fresh feeling and surprisingly, there's something has already waken up, much earlier than I did.

It was overwhelmingly stiff for the next 2-3 hours for no reason.

As for yesterday, as I bought it and tried it at home, I walked with it all over the house and after a few hours, I vomitted some black/green liquid, out of my tummy. What was that? I can feel the pain of my body organs as i think they've reflected over the pinches of the points at my feet. It was so painful!

At night, even i felt so tired, I was still doing my guitar practise. There was one time I was so f*ckin sleepy, i just went to bed and closed my eyes. I slept like a baby. Earlier in the morning, i feel so healthy.

I may conclude that:
  • As I was involved in a very bad accident 8 years back, most of my body organs was affected, especially my kidney, intestine and pancreas. Maybe that explains why i vomitted that black/green liquid.
  • I'm not sure, but do I look like stressed? Well, I'm indeed very stressful, thinking of how could I make money each and every single night. That would actually increase my blood pressure, plus I think that my blood is high with cholestrol, which would cause my blood circulation to be poor. With the reflexology sandal, i feel like my heart was working rather slower and i feel so relaxed. As stress reduce the sexual ability, this simple thing is able to reduce our stress. So go find out what you can do with it.

The picture above is the Ogawa Food Massage machine, which is a product that is similarly doing the same task as the Reflexology Sandal, but it's not as painful as the massage sandal, it was very high tech. It's equipped with a vibration mechanism, plus the infra-red treatment to enhance the blood circulation in your feet.

It will cost you at around MYR2000.00++. A friend of mine (who is married), tried it as it was actually gives you a very good feeling, as it tickles! After sometime, the tickling sensation went away, replaced by your feet is as good as new feeling. He was only able to be doing it when he went over to his in law house, which happened that the father in law was like rarely using it nowadays.

The good news was when he made love to his wife, he feels like he can do it all night long.

Since then, so what do u think? He always went to his inlaw house and make full use of that ogawa foot massage. He's now no longer wondering why the mother-in-law is still having her period, despite of her age. Actively having sex may delay the menopause process.

You've got what I mean? I hope so!

* To xxx, thanx for sharing your info. I really appreciate that, and i hope u don't mind i share it with the rest of the world's population.

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