November 29, 2005

Voodoo and the Exorcism?

I might have not use the right word for what is happening after the wedding. As we departed from Parit Buntar, I drove slowly to KL, being the first one to depart from Parit Buntar, as me and Bob had another agenda in KL. As we reached Sungai Perak, I refueled and let Bob drive my car.

As the time goes by, all of a sudden, Bob's sister called him. I can hear the loud cry of hers telling Bob about what was happening in her house. It was all started on the Friday morning, the day my whole family was going to Parit Buntar to attend the Bride's side wedding.

Friday morning, Nana called, telling me that weird scratches were popping everywhere on her bodyskin. It happens when they were chit chatting in the house. Panicking, they went here adn there to fix up, but it when instead.

As for that late saturday afternoon, I my self called Nana. I was surprised at first that it's actually an Uncle that picked the call up. I asked to talk to Nana, but the one who was speaking on the phone claimed that it was Nana.

I started to freak out! Nana was talking to me not in her usual voice, and not her usual english slangs. It was the voice of some uncle that come from the southern part of Singapore or the Northern part of the Javanese islands. She again explained about the scratches and about an incident that happened in her room while there was nobody inside. The room was in a mess, all the bottle souvenirs was broken. all the pictures were tore apart, like some people had raided her room for something.

She freaked out and she went berserk for a while before her mom called us letting us know about it.

That night, I went to meet Tasha, and drove her Honda Jazz for the first time. It rocks, even without the VTEC engine. It was her 22nd Birthday. She'll be working the next day so we cannot spend so much time together. After good night kisses and hugs, we separated and I fetched Bob at his house and took him to Taman Sri Andalasz, Klang. Nana was waiting in the porch of her neighbouring house when I reached there. We shaked hands and we were seeing an amazing things happening.

Seeing is believing... So see it for yourself...

All the scratches on her tummy.

The scratches that symbolizes 'NANA MATI' means Nana is Die! These scratches were at her back.

Nana's oousin, As was holding a bottle full of smokes. It was believed that the smokes were the evils that were populating the house. I was not allowed to the the pictures, worrying that, the act will shock 'em up. We went to throw the bottle away in Sungai Klang, and went straight away to Berkley, to have some tea and went off to Meru, Nana's hometown.

Nana continuing talking to her cousins as usual. She was still speaking like a Javanese, and while talking to them, she took some pictures and as I expect, her pictures was all evilish. It was like her face was overshadowed by the evilish look. I tried to be funny by telling her that she's actually became fater, her nose is bigger, but that made it worse.

Once in a while, she speaks like a Sarawakians. She used 'Kitak', 'Kamik' and all sort of sarawakian slangs words. She went all normal when it was like about 12.00 midnite. She went to sleep.

I went to sleep with Bob. As early as 4.30 AM, i started my race to the toilet with BOB. Something must have gone wrong with the food at the wedding! Oh no!


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