November 13, 2005

Ride on a Tow Truck

Sometimes, bad things come just after another. Like a malay proverb, 'Sudah Jatuh diTimpa Tangga' (you've fallen off the ladder, and later the ladder fell on you). I've already have problem with my illegal EVO7/EVO8, and now my only driveable car is having problem too.

I might be of those unlucky people, but i might be just lucky too..

It was on the last Friday, I've later decided to just get back home to JB after a very tiring effort of seeing people here and there. Right in the afternoon, i was sadly making a move to JB, as I was actually unwilling to leave KL. There's a lot more things to do, but I need to be in JB the next day.

From Bangi to Senawang, i've already felt something wrong with the car. I was hoping that it might be caused by the lacking of the engine oil that caused the car to vibrate, or maybe the balancing of the tyres. Sometimes it went off just like that.

After dropping by Senawang, i proceed my journey to JB. On the highway, I was driving constantly at the average speed of 120 km/h when suddenly a BMW with a Police's flashlight flashing it's flashlight to my car. It was the Custom's car, being an escort of a 40 footer container lorry. They were quite fast!

After letting them to take over, I engaged to a lower gear to catch up. Trying to catch up, i heard a loud knocking sound from the engine. It couldn't be of the hyraulic inside the engine, but as I press that throttle harder, it slowly disappear but after releasing the throttle, the engine knocked really hard and the engine starting to response slowly.

I was about to reach Ayer Keroh's toll, so i decided to exit here, and just right after the Touch 'n' Go exit, my car totally stopped working and I've to ask help from one of the PLUS staff over there to push my car forward.

Called my mechanic and my father in JB. I tried to be calm as this is my first time ever driving a car and it spoilt in the middle of a journey. I even called a local mechanic and he confirmed that it was the damaged bearings that caused the conrod and shafts to be knocking among themselves. Thinking of that I've never known of these people, i decided to TOW my car from Melaka to JB.

Getting the best deal, at RM400, a car tow-trucker is willing to send my car from Melaka to my workshop in JB as everyone else is asking for RM500 up to RM650. Tiringly stranded for 2 hours in Melaka, the tow-truck arrived at around 7 o'clock. There was a lot of people around, and there are even some of them helped me to move the car from the parking bay towards the tow-truck.

Thousand Thanks! It shows that there are still people who are honestyly willing to help. Thanks to that abang, who drives a Waja, which i think in the middle of a journey together with his family.

My car is stranded and what do I expect. Of course i rode with the driver in his tow truck so that we can have a chat. I wasn't feeling good. I really felt bad of what was happening. I thought I was on 'Musafir' (in a long journey so I've got a few exemptions in doing solat or any other islamic practices) so that I skipped my Jumaat Prayer as I have already intended to do Jamak Solat and I already did.

We've chatted of a lot of things. He's a local Indian, has the same age as mine. He's a very religious guy and he really believes in Karma, just like us Malay, especially muslim. He's a very nice guy and he kept his words nicely. In the middle of our trip, he has got a call from his friend mentioning a container lorry has got into an accident, which it has crossed from the left lane towards the right lane and it need two 45-tonner cranes to lift them up.

He started to get busy calling here and there. As we arrived at the place and we stopped as he's going to look around, I WAS IN A BIG SHOCK!

It was the container that I was chasing closely before my engine went off. I was told that as it was too fast, one of the tyre went off and the driver just cannot control it anymore. One of the custom officer who was in that lorry, broken his leg and was hospitalized.

Imagine that if I was still able to catch up on them as I was having an intention to follow them as I know they're going down to JB. I don't know, y'all people might have read my blog now and wondering what happened to me, just like what happened to Arfa Adriana (and actually I'm coming up with an answer to what happened to her, but maybe in the next blog!).

I'm pretty sure and convinced that, every things happened with reasons! Thank god!

Even though it might cost me a lot more this time (and I have to start cutting my expenses, and maybe GOD wants me to cut on my expenses too), i'm still thankful that i'm still alive and still able to blog and share things with you guys.

So i'll be 'carless' for a few days. Good for me I guess.


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