November 23, 2005

My car is back kickin ass!

What a relief.

Enervated wastedly of RM3.5K just for the fixing + some necessary modification.
  • Major overhaul
  • Replacing crankshaft, conrods, vasu rubbers, piston rings, oil seals
  • Port and Polish
  • Lightened Flywheel
  • Adjustable Pullies for Cam Setting
  • New engine oil
  • Accurate cam angle resetting
  • Compression check and Engine tuning.
And for all that major work, instead of RM5.7K, RM3.5K is still considered cheap.

In normal charge pricing, other people charge RM2K, only for the port and polish job. Replacing the parts would cost around RM1.5K. Major Overhaul will cost another at least RM1k. Adjustable pullies for each cam will cost at least RM300 each, so it would be RM600 for DOHC. Cam angle setting will cost another RM180. Compression check and Engine tuning will cost another RM300-400.

My car is now operating without the Air-Conditioner, as by the car was out from the workshop, there was no air conditioner shop that would open during that 9.30PM. The Air-Conditioner Belt was broken during the test and need the be replaced with a new one. As the whole engine was taken out, the gas went off. The brake pads was also been used up.

That would be my task for tomorrow. So right now, I'm going to decide whether should I drive to Seremban tonight or just drive tomorrow. It's already 12.15AM, previously I was tired but now I'm a lil bit freshen up.

Argh, show me the way to make more money. I need to cover back!

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