November 1, 2005

I was in KL.. with another project!


Yeah, I was in KL last Sunday. I woke up just to finf out that I was too late to start my journey. Being late, better do something that might benefit me, as today the Southen Finance Branch of JB will be opened, they said so. But when I was there, it was not even opened, or yet, maybe I was too early so I drove back to my house, as I actually forgotten to take the digital camera cable.

There's a lot of things in my car. All the things my mom asked me to take with me, and all my things too. 3 bags of mine. On my way to the highway, I went to pass a few invitation cards for my brother's wedding. Then drive slowly, heading to Seremban. I was happily singing all the way to Senawang and dropped by just to drop off things my mom wanted me to take with me. I asked my brother to wash my car, i myself went bathe and shoot off to KL.

In KL, I was supposedly meeting someone to take my payments, but since he was still in Perak and Tasha called me, we met up and i followed her to the saloon. She did her hari very nicely before we went off to KL Sentral buying her air tickets and went to Kotaraya looking at some handphones. Being me, I would never buy if I really want to. I want to buy but i'm not really want to buy. So off to Jalan Bellamy, near Istana Negara we went to breakfast there, with Ikan Bakar. We had Terubuk and Pari(stingray). Then off to Mid Valley to look if there are things left that i should buy for my room and bathroom. For those asking, those things u can buy at Jaya Jusco, i think it should be anywhere, or just spend sometime to go to Mid Valley Jusco.

Being me again, in fact both of us hate mall crowds, so we went off to Petaling Street. Time to walk closely holding each other. She gets a beg. A pretty one. I bought some fruits to take home the next day. As Tasha's flying off to Jedda the next day, we straight away drove home but the traffic was terribly bad. As in front of the TAR junction, the traffic was red but I saw some cars were still moving forward. Trying to keeping up, I found myself trapped in the middle of the traffic. Trying to get behind the line, after clearly seeing the car behind was quite far away, I reversed my car and suddenly,


A very loud voice come from the rear of my car. Ouch, I hit a car from the right. How come he came into my lane and be at my back! Luckily, his car was okay but I was the unlucky one. My rear bumper was actually made of fibre and it's broken. May be it has becoming a reason why i should change to 99 Rear spec.

The next day, I bought a MotorTrader Magazine and after confirming the address, I headed to Puchong to do the Tail Lift of my Civic. It's a totally new look. I spent about 1.7k to do the conversion. Just the rear part. I might do the front part later but not the whole thing. It will cost me another 1.6k, better do something else with it.

Went back home in Seremban, and the next day, I've got another project. To upgrade the sound system of my brother's car. Using my old 12" sub woofer, I went to the Brother's Auto Accessory shop in Rahang N9, with a very cheap amplifier, RCA cable, wires, fusing and a new CD player, namely brother's brand, all cost me another RM555. In the middle of doing the audio, I was thinking of giving it a lower look, so I added another RM150 to change the springs of the car.

It was superb actually, eventhough the radio does not produce a very quality sound but the sub woofer does the job very well. It sounds better than my twin 10" Pioneer subwoofers. It has better echo, better groove. And now I'm thinking of getting a new one for my car as well.

I've spent so much, it was actually a series of projects of 'Ngabih'an duit yo' (wasting money)

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