November 7, 2005

First Day of Raya

It's raya again. It's actually a celebration of 30 days, but we normally celebrate it, aslong as our leave is available. This year, I determine my own leave so i might rest and relax for maybe 2 weeks at toal.

So actually I went back to my 'kampung' on the day just before raya. On the big day, I woke up early in the morning, met all my relatives, hand off 'ang-pows' and went to the mosque. Back from the mosque, we went back home and snap some pictures of us.

A Snap of the whole family!

Picture of me with all my siblings and cousin, next to my car.

Spontaneous candid

All of them surrounding my car.

The whole big family

All boys!

A splendid candid

All the old folks

All girls!

Grandchildren and granma

My family

Mak Lang and children

Pak Long and children

Second Day of Raya

I went back to Seremban on the second day and wait for people to come over. I was so lazy to go anywhere as I was eating and eating and eating the whole day yesterday. This is the pictures of one of the visitor, which is the family of my sister's fiance. Today's special menu: Penang Laksa!

My father and his father

My sister, her fiance, my mom and the fiance's mom.

Third Day of Raya

On the third day, I was planning to finish off all the fireworks that I bought a few days before raya, when the whole gather back again in my house in Seremban. It's the regathering of family again. Today's special menu: Mee Goreng Basah!

Hafiqh and Fatiha posed.

Hafizh and Izzat holding fireworks (don't do this at home!)

Luqman Hakim posed

Fatiha posed cutely!

Everyone was in joy enjoying the fireworks!

Izzat, Wani, Adik & Ina

Looking at something?

A pose earlier in the evening.

Wani, Farah, Fatiha & Atifah. Look at the sweetest smile by Fatiha

It's me! Don't do this at home ok!

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