June 15, 2007

Penang, here i come!

That previous night, we've checked-in into the Grand Continental Hotel (syiok!) and later we went out for dinner ourselves as nobody was there to take us out. Back from dinner, I was playing with the piccies till late 3s and slept.


I was awaken by Tasha phone call as early as 6.00 AM as I was supposed to be going with her to the make up place. First, we were supposed to be going to have breakfast but realizing that we're gonna be late, i took the initiative to sebd her myself to the make-up place just to get to know that she will be in the last position. There were 7 other girls who are also getting married the same day were waiting for their turn.

Yang tukang make upnya nampak macam lembut and he was like couldn't resist looking at me, whether he was wondering whut am I doing at the place where everyone else are women or was he looking at me? Maybe he likes my camera.

At 10.30, I decided to go back and getting ready for the afternoon event.


At around 11 something yada-yada, we checked out and headed straight to Tasha's house and getting ready for the photo shoot. We had our lunch (the Nasi Minyak was marvellous) and waited for the groom to arrive.

It damn hot! The bride has to wait under someone house's porch. I was already smelly like a pig. Should I care?

Dia datang (pap pap pap), dengan lenggang-lenggoooooooknyaaaaaaaaa (ulang la sampai esok).

As he arrived, the reception started. There's no such thing as kompang, just a bunch of old folks playing some musical instruments. They went inside, merenjis-renjis the rose water, went outside had their meals and meeting the guests, a normal ritual which is being used all over the country. Then, they came back in for more photo session till everyone got bengkok.

I'm gettin' tired and it's time to call it a day. After being agreed by the wedded couple and the family, we took off and we go round-round the Alor Setar town once again!

After one round in Alor Setar, dengan air mata yang tak berlinang, we went out of the town heading towards the hiway and Penang here we come!


Don't do that! The scenery along the hiway was making me all hungry, because of the paddy. Imagining myself eating nasi, of which my stomach is already empty. Dropping by the Gurun rest area and refreshing ourselves, to Penang we proceed the journey!

The bridge was badly jammed, just because the people there just love the accidents. As we passed the bridge, we straight away headed to the QueensBay Mall, the place where I wanna be, eh silap, the place where brother's working.

At the secret Recipe we had our meal for dinner. There and then Mizan and his friend arrived and we had chit chat together.

After sometimes, we made a move to Restoran Kayu Original and had another meal.

This time we eat nasi. Kita mesti makan nasi (KFC).


After those happy-happy moments in Penang, we made out move to the hiway at about 2.30 AM and started our journey to KL slowly. I stopped a few times before arriving to my sister's house at around 10.00AM, had fun at the swimming pool and went out.

...to be continued

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