June 22, 2007

So many hantu ahhh?

Yeah guys, so many hantu around la nowadays.

Last time were so afraid at night, because people say hantu only comes out at night time. Even when P Ramlee made the Orang Minyak movie or whatever ghost movie (ghost movie sometimes not so horror), they made the impression that ghost will only come out at night.

I was told that ghost are also shy species, that's why they never show face you know. I wonder also why I never see ghost. Maybe the ghost think I'm more ghost than them so they shy. Shame on you la ghost.

Now, the ghost has already came out of their coconut shell (tempurung). Last time they only appeared in kampung, dark places, haunted houses, horror places and so many scary places you can imagine. Last time in black and white right?

They're coloured now. They're being put on big posters, big screen, advertisement everywhere, whatever yada yada, now the ghosts are very outspoken and agressive. Everyone also want to watch ghost so they went to the movie and watch all the ghost movie. Jangan Pandang Belakang which displayed the most stupid looking ghost I've ever seen has become the local box-office.

In that movie, the ghost is still appearing at night time.

In TV3 SUSUK series, the hantu even came out during day time.

In sixth sense, it's a ghost movie but it's not scary at all. Not horror. Th ring is horror one. Jangan Pandang Belakang is supposed to be a horror one but when i watch it without listening, it's nothing but a display of non-still images. (Of course la kan)

But now got new type of ghost also. Now they're everywhere since the government raised the people's wages. Hahahaha.. So fast eh the government want to recover their money back?

Now ah, u see ah, a lot of road blocks, a lot of speed traps, a lot of police patrolling u know. A slight mistake may cause u to get a ticket.

Of course not the movie ticket.

Ticket saman la.. what else.

So you guys out there, drive carefully. Don't make yourself look suspicious. Make sure your car is abiding the law. Silap sikit je habis la. (Alamak, lupa keter gua cermin gelap)

* adakah ini hanya di JB sahaja? Bagaimana di tempat2 lain?

Oh yeah, I'm also looking for a female clerk for my new office. Preferably someone who is staying in Taman Universiti Skudai and decent nice looking. Can anyone help me?

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