June 6, 2007


I'm back!

but I'm still tired.

I was driving 1845kms in total, spent about RM350 on petrol, RM200++ on the tolls and almost 24 hours of total driving time, even though I was accompanied by both of my cousins, I was driving all the time.

Now that I learnt some new facts; (at least to myself)

  1. Actually driving directly non-stop from Melaka to Alor Setar will take 5 hours, with the speed of 100-120km/h.
  2. The driving distance from my house (in JB) to Tasha's house (in Alor Setar) is not even 800kms away.
  3. It's very hard to find a place to eat during midnight at Alor Setar. Anyway, there's one stall by the mainroad near the Alor Setar (S) exit, where it serves nice hot Mamak Styled Fried Noodles.
  4. That my Honda Civic can do 16.2 sen per km of petrol using Shell V-Power on the highway; of which using normal petrol will cause me more. (Average for the whole journey was 18 sen per km)
  5. Nasi minyak kat Kedah sedap!
  6. Alor Setar is such a small so-called-bandaraya.
  7. I think people in Alor Setar drove fast.
  8. When it comes to wedding, the northern people are not so kay-poh-chee as we do in the south. Even the wedding is going to be held tomorrow, they still don't bother to put the canopy tent up.
  9. The wedding Ceramah in Kedah took almost an hour. Damn!
  10. Do they use kompang? I don't see it during Tasha's wedding.
  11. To be a photograper, you must be really selfish. I wasn't but I really have to.
  12. Penangites love accidents.
  13. Penangites love to park according to their father's happyheart.
  14. The rice in Nasi Kandar Kayu Original tiada tandingannya. It's the best!
  15. Sleeping in my car with the Air-Conditioner being switched on for two hours will cause the fuel being consumed almost a quarter.
  16. The price of a PC; which contain 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 250GB of hard disk, 2 CD/DVD writer, 17" LCD monitor, cause me only RM1850 nowadays! Damn!
  17. My house in Taman Desa has a special door know set. It was broken and I've gotta fix it.
  18. There were some unseen scenes in the Hot Shot movie. The one that I watched was cut by the LPF.
  19. I learnt that my Car can do 225km/h with the load of 3 people and a rear bonnet full of bags, computers, album bla bla bla.
  20. My two cousins smoke a lot! Damn!

Alrighty then. Will post later. Am very busy for now. Cya!

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