July 2, 2007

Weekend Wasted

The weekend, was supposed to be fully scheduled with an intention to go to a lot of places but I end up with just sitting in my room except during the Saturday Night when I really went out to see Farok and his family who went to a wedding to Pontian and decided to spend a night in JB.

He was staying in the Zon Hotel, and guess what?

It's just like the old days, Cuci mata. The Zon area is the place where people can get cheap liquor as the place status as the duty free zone. The place itself has not less than 5 pubs/discos.

At 12 we decided to split as both of us were already tired and I headed home.

The rest of the weekend? On Saturday, I've been tweaking my guitars and tune them nicely. The new PC that I just bought a month ago, is accomodating better facility to do sound recording.

With the Acid, I was able to compose the drum beat before recording. The guitar was recorded in stereo as in there are first and second guitar. If I have a fully sound proofed room, I would be able to record my own voice over it.

I used to write my own songs last time. That was about 10 years back I guess?

As I'm writing this entry, I've completed 2 songs. One of it was just completed half an hour ago.

Sunday? I watched TV almost the whole day. I wanted to go to Jusco to maybe buy something that I don't really need but TV has a bunghole. I didn't even looked at my phone to check on who might be calling me. I feel so lazy.

In the end, I noticed that I missed out a few important things. Shit!

Damn! What am I doing?

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