July 15, 2007


B`z is actually a name of a band in Japan. They played Konya Tsuki No Mieru Okani, if you guys can still remember the Japanese cute love series, the beautiful life, it's the official song for the series.

My point is actually, I was really BZ like hell last week and I've been trying to get myself updated (in this blog) as often as I can and I've really to have to do a few entries (in different blogs) as I've been into an event last Friday.

After coming back from KL after my sister gave birth to Sheikh Mohd Firas, I was so busy going here and there, seeing clients and potential clients and end up being so tired everyday.

That bz week went well until last Thursday, as I decided to go to KL as I was invited to the 6ixth Sense's album launching in Planet Hollywood, KL. I asked my father to send me to the bus station that night at 8 so at least I can reach KL by 12 midnight and stay there one night. My father said ok when suddenly he got a call from my Uncle in Senawang, the one who has been taking care of my Father's house there.

"It's Pak Ngah calling," I told him as he is long-sighted. He needs to take his glasses before he can see the writing on his phone.

After talking for a while, he told my mom that there's a break in into our house in Senawang and decided to go to Seremban with me tonight. My mom decided to follow. Right at 8, we were all heading to Senawang.

Maybe it's just a bad luck for us, the accelerator cable for my father's car was almost broken into two when I was driving. The pedal can be pressed but it cannot bounce back and the engine keep ramming. I've got to stop a few times to check for it and thank god we managed to make it home.

This is my sister's room. It was all in mess and if you look at the picture properly, there's somekind of a bent metal at the window, as you can see a blue jeans and curtain there. It's how they got into the house. Unfortunately, they used a lot of tools that was also 'borrowed' from my neighbour's house.

Thus, my neighbour was so scared that they afraid we will accuse them doing such thing. Pity them. The wife has never been talking me last time, especially when I was mad about the open burning she did sometimes back but she's okay actually. I think he's a nice lady with a lot of children. I really mean it. ALOT! They have married children but they still have small kids.

That was my mom's room. My room was okay. Nothing was there. My sister's room was not as messed up as my mom's room too. Everywhere else in the house was nicely in tact. We are not so sure when actually it happened but my uncle just realized it on Thurday afternoon when he went to water my mom's plants. Worse, my sister's clothes were scattered all over the house compound. What are they trying to do actually?

My mom lost a few things in the house. Up to my surprise, there's a lot of things that can be taken out but they opted to take on gold jewelleries only and they're experts too. They know how to differentiate between gold and non gold jewelleries. We went to make a police report, and back luck again, my father didn't find his IC and ID when asked by the police officer. When we get back home, it's actually in his wallet but he just couldn't find it. He got PANICKED! Hehehehe..

We waited till the police officer came and then only get to sleep. The next morning, I went to fix my father's car before I went to KL.

In KL, Awin fetched me and we went for the 6ixth Sense's Second Album Launching at the Planet Hollywood. For more pictures and details on this event please refer to Budiey's Sensasi Selebriti Blog, full coverage in my my pojok Blog and photos in my photo blog.

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