July 9, 2007

Tagged by Black Purple

  • A person is only as good as he knows what he's doing with his fuckin' life
  • Friendship is always something you've always been wanting to hold on but it never fails to frustrate you in the end
  • To love is to devote and sacrifice everything you have in life? Or meybe to make love only?
  • Money makes me feel like i have nothing else to do rather than forking myself out to the max to get 'em
  • I miss to be in the love life but I'm not looking for it now
  • My way of saying I care is by actually not saying it. People who say it maybe lying. I'm a person who do things, not just by saying it out loud.
  • I try to spread love and happiness by doing my best to make people I love happy.
  • Pick the flowers when only you really feel like giving it to somebody. Or else, pick 'em up when they dried out. Do not litter
  • To love someone is to make love to her? (errrr have u read people divorced for not having good sex? I think I read that a lot of times)
  • Beauty is depending on the eye of the beholder
  • When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was my Form One's year at the Hostel. It was full of torments, tortures and suffercations
  • When I was twenty one, I remember doing my first and the best band performance in my University. It was still chiming as a dream in my sleep, and I had found a past love life too hehe.
  • I am most happy when I'm around my beloved person.
  • Nothing makes me happier than being around people I love and care
  • If I can change one thing, I will change the prime minister and replace him with me.
  • If smiles were commodities then I will offer a buy out (just like what the anantha krishnan did) with all my money
  • Wouldn't it be nice if we could all drive Mercedes and park everywhere we like without the security guard approaching and asking you to buzz off?
  • If you want to drive a BMW or a Mercedes then you have to visit NAZA motor because they sell them much cheaper than the authorised dealers like the Daimler Chrysler, Cycle and Carriage or the Auto Bavaria. (Tan Sri kena bayar untuk iklan ini hahahaha)
  • Money is not everything but sex is. Someone can either get love or get money out of it.
  • The most touching moments I have experienced is when my family members says they love me or they do something for the sake of loving me.
  • I smiled when i remember funny things especially moments of growing up with my siblings.
  • When I am happy, I will either call people or I just spend money for nothing.
  • If only I don't have to work, then I'll just stay in front of PC chatting and blogging.
  • The best thing I did yesterday was to hold my newly born nephew. He's paying attention to what I was saying.
  • If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, "Good Sex or Good Money?"
  • One thing I must do before I die is bertaubat nasuha
  • Doing this meme, I feel like tagging everyone but up to you guys lah. U like u do lah!

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