July 30, 2007

Tv tv tv... takde kerja lain...

Having an infant at home turned me to love being at home. Being at home now means to watch TV. Most of my time now is spent watching TV.

And that makes me lazy to switch on my laptop and open up my blog, or anyone's blog.

TV nowadays (I meant with ASTRO) has a lot of 'I MUST SEE' channels. I'm very well fascinated with the Discovery and National Geographics. Discovery has now offered more channel especially the Discovery Real Time channel.

The program they aired are mostly about cars. My favourite program would be the Fifth Gear, aired on channel 78 at 9PM or 1AM. I would normally watch the 1AM show as at 9PM, everyone is in front of TV.

It's really sickening to watch the news. There were nothing but crime all the way. Last time, I love watching the news especially when I see the former PM on TV, especially when he gave his speech, it was all inspiratory and promising. We know exactly where the country was heading.

I think the people of this country now are now being sedated with entertainments. Crime news are even now considered as an entertaining matters. Not to mention about all the SMS-based competition like the AF, Ikon etcs.

Why doesn't our people prefer constructive knowledge to entertainments eh? I wonder why my mom was always fascinated by those serial drama like SUSUK, NekNak, ManjaLara and worse, both my mom and Farah manipulated each other to hold me from taking over the control of the TV; MY mom says Farah wanted to watch this program, Farah says the same thing too if my mom wasn't around.

I was then forced to watch those programs because I just feel like wanting to sit and churn whatever my eyes captured from the TV screen.

There and then, comes my father saying what a stupid and illogical TV program they do, and who watch this stupid TV programs are also stupid, which I have always agreed, hehehehe.

Amazingly, my mom and Farah was still watching it like nothing happened. They don't feel stupid at all. Buat bodoh aje... Hahahaha.

And for the time being, beside looking for photography job for myself, I'm also selling gold dinar. After a month of operation, I managed to collect a fund of at least a million ringgit from various people. Who wouldn't be interested to get a 10% return which is being paid monthly?

For some people, it is a good retirement scheme. For some other people, it's just the right time to keep gold based on the past 3 years performance, the gold actually retained it's value but the value of our money keeps dropping.

Thanks to Mahathir Mohamad, the genius who taught us all about gold.

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