July 4, 2007

Unexpected Sibling

I met with an accident almost 10 years back. The day after the night I met with the accident was my snd semester 1st paper final exam. I was hospitalized for almost 10 days, and I would happily admit that those days were among the best time of my life there.

I still remembered Taiko and Omen were crying at the end of my bed seeing how bad I am. I felt pain but I think everything was fine except a week after, I realized that my face was half black.

Thanx to those who had been helping me during the accident, sending me to the hospital and visiting me later. THere are even those who went and watched the PIala Malaysia final with me in my ward. I owe you guys my life.

I was discharged 10 days after. It was all free. The girl who knocked me is the daughter of one of the University Board's Directors. I stayed in my Kampung and after about a month, Gulung, Omen and Te visited me in my kampung of which has raised my determination to walk by myself. Then I went back to my house in Melaka and continued studying as usual.

There was this one weekend where my parents came over to visit me when suddenly I realized my mom was a lil bit chubbier than usual. I look at her properly as I actually reliazed something.

"Woi mak aku mengandung woi!"

I was 21 years old at that time. Imagining that I'm gonna have another younger sibling at 21 is rather fun and exciting.

On 4th July 1998, Farah Nabilah is born in Specialist Medical Center, Ayer Keroh Melaka (which now is already hospital Pantai). A number fo more than 20 people of my friends i brought to see her in the hospital.

I gave the 'Farah' name. Nabilah is the name given by Adik, my sister.


I bought her a nice and yummy black forest cake!


And today, I managed to hire a clerk for my office. Thank god, as I'm blessed to be able to hire a muslim chinese girl who is able to speak Malay, English and Chinese. She came without a resume but her ability to convince both of me and my partner Dr. Zuhaimy has made us to come up with the decision to hire her.

A very nice person. Exactly who I need to make the company grow.

She'll start to be working tomorrow.


I managed to watch Transformers also today hehehehe!

* Happy Birthday Farah. No matter how much I bullied you, called you monkey, you should know that I love u so so so much. X.O.X

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