March 14, 2008

Things I don't understand

There's a lot of things that I don't understand lately. Let's put them in the point forms.

  • Everyone knows who should be blamed for the BN's losses in the past election but that should-be-blamed person proudly stand his position and thinks that he is still relevant.

  • All the other component parties in BN knows who to be blamed but they have never said it out loud in the public except for the MIC. MCA had done quietly by denying all the Cabinet position.

  • Why people are so worried of the future of the states that has been taken over by the opposition? Just give them a chance to show something. I believe, in a year or two, by managing all the taxes properly, Selangor could have been a much better state. If you don't like, switch back to BN in the next Election.

  • The state with the most tax collection in 2007 was Melaka. Why not Selangor, Pulau Pinang or Johor, of each is so highly industrialized and at least with a working and active sea ports. So, let us see if the opposition can change these facts. Can you imagine Melaka, a small state with not so much economical based industry came up as the state with the most tax collection? Does tourism generates money that much? I bet Penang does more on tourism. Selangor even better!

  • Where's that culprit? Why r u so quiet now?
But...! The thing that I don't understand most for the time being is why the market for the Nikonian Academy Photography Classes in KL is so good that nobody is enrolling in JB?

I'm quite depressed right now. For a lot of things.

* sigh *

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