April 24, 2009

Once - The movie

I was supposed to go to the cinema last Wednesday night, but since I arrived home early I decided to go jogging.

I went completely exhausted after jogging. My heart beat was faster than the beat of the triple pedal drums.

I decided not to go to the cinema as I wasn't able even to stand still. It was about 10PM when I was browsing through the channels on astro, I heard Irish english and I stopped to take a look.

The info page was telling that it is the movie Once. As I was always amazed by the Brit/Scotts/Irish english, this may be just another ear-sweetener as I need something to waste my time while waiting to go to sleep.

Ai first I thought it's just another chicky movie.

I end up watching the whole full movie. It was a musical + romance movie, of which not so musical and not so romance. You know what I mean.

I strongly suggest people to watch this movie. The song Falling Slowly is an award winning song, written & performed by the main cast himself, Glen Hansard, who happened to be not an actor. Same goes to the heroine, of which both of the main cast are the real musician.

And this is amongst the cheapest movie ever produced but with a very deep impact.

Search in wikipedia for movie once and you'll find a hell lot of surprises.

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