May 11, 2009

Citer politik sket...

When I was in Kelantan, (1-3 May), I went to Friday Prayer in one of the mosque in Kota Bharu. I did my prayer and at the moment I stepped my foot off the mosque, I saw this printed article (anonymously written) talking about the losses of Barisan Nasional in the 2 Bukits (Bukit Gantang & Selambau)

I'm not gonna side to either BN or BA on this matter but, it is mentioned that the greater loss of BN may have caused by the appearance of Dr. Mahathir.

It's maybe true or neither, but as for me there are other reasons that leads to such a victory for BA in those 2 small elections.

1. We have to remember that the nation has yet recovered from the anger caused by the crowning of the ex-DPM son in law as the Ketua Pemuda UMNO.

2. Nasty and hasty ways of BN taking over Perak from the BA govt.

3. I bet not less than quarter population of Malaysia may not be happy with Najib as the Prime Minister, due to his history of so many things.

4. There are supporters of the former PM (AAB) who hated Najib for becoming the cause of why Team B (Lead by Kuli and Musa Hitam) lost their way up to the crown (remember AAB was in the TEAM B when later he appealed to get back in UMNO after a while and Mahathir took him back in the Govt, isn't that very nice of Dr. Mahathir?), just because Najib reveals his last minute supports towards the Team A (lead by Dr. Mahathir) during the Internal Pemilihan UMNO, back in 1987/1988.

5. The Non-Malays has lost their confident in BN as the equality issues had been raised vaguely.

6. It's clear that, most people (even myself) prefer to be in Kelantan rather than any other states where the police are not the gangsters.

It doesn't have to be true, just my 5 sen opinionated observation.



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