May 21, 2007

Stay Strong

I was like laughing 'berdekah-dekah' when my little sister gave me the answer to the trivia she asked me.

"Susu apa yang boleh diminum tapi dagingnya tak boleh di makan?"

(What kind of milk that we can consume but not the meat?)

Can you answer me? In that comment box or haloscan comment?

Yeah, i think I'm getting weak at answering trivias, even though before that I can continuously answered all her trivias without answering it wrongly. It has made me think, of how the future is going to be. The younger generation is getting more clever and smarter. But does smarter and more clever generation would produce a good living condition for the society?

I've read an article sent by a reader in Utusan Malaysia complaining about the attitude of the young Malay Males. There was this one incident where she and her friends were walking in front of a field where the school kids were 'pheewitting' at them. She even claimed that it is much safer to be surrounded by a bunch of 'Mat Saleh' rather than having just one Malay male nearby.

There's a saying, the younger generation is the future. Can we stay strong in such a society? I still remember those days where I went to the shop buying groceries for my mom alone when I was 5-6 years old. Nobody got snatched and it is very rare to hear rape case.

What about the economy? Can we stay, not to mention strong but at least to survive? Not to mention the economical survival between races, but are we able and ready to face the globalisation. Especially with the current political situation, an election-triggered government?

What about the challenges between you and other people in getting the life you wanted. We often thwarted ourselves and looking for reasons, at least a self comforting reasons to stay in the comfort zone. At least to convince yourself that you're still alive and ok.

Sometimes it's not the strongest who'll stay and survive. Sometimes u need luck. Some even times your situation helps. Smart people do survive but without proper strength, it's the opportunist that will succeed.

Then there come anybody nobody to champ the battle; just out of nowhere.

You may feel like all your efforts were not only been a simple waste but it has been banished totally.

It's sad. Pathetic. Disappointing.

And the losing end or problem worsen by the following incoming problems. Mostly self created. Most people like to dig a hole for their own. When it's too deep, no one is able to pull you off-hole. There are always people to help you to go deeper and later to bury you safely inside.

Most people handle problem with creating another problem. Like myself, when I'm stuck with my problems, i won't stop inhaling that nicotineful tobacco. Some even worse, they get drunk with alcohol. Worst, like a friend of mine who suicided. I miss you Yann. So much.

And now, I'll surely be missing a few other friend also. Dead. Getting married.

A day you lose may get you lose somebody but you might be getting a new somebody too.

Thanx for reading. :)

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