October 4, 2004

mondaeg :: Yippee....

It's been a week since the last time i updated my blog. And visitors to my blog increased tremendously when i wasn't updating. Wasn't it sounds so weird? Maybe it's because they refreshed it so many times by hoping that they'll be having the updated version once it's being refreshed. hehe..

Well basically, I've forgotten what I've been doing for the last one week. As my working site has been retransferred back to KL, and now in Muamalat Tower, Masjid Jamek. For the last Tuesday, I don't really know what i've been doing, especially daytime.. work? hell no.. I dun think I'm interested in my work anymore..

Monday nite, after work, Nurul Jannah (NJ) texted me, teling me about she's now in Shah Alam, furthering her studies in Medic. So i straight away went to Shah Alam, to see her. The first time we met.. we talked about so many things.. not we.. but just me.. she kept quiet most of the time.. but then who cares.. i was asking her out on wednesday since she won't be having classes on wednesday but I'm pretty sure she can't make it. So just don't bother. Then I rushed to cheras to see my dearest Ailin. I think i met her, or i didn't?

But that tuesday nite, I went to futsal as usual.. Badly, i was having a very bad fever that nite. I felt so tired. Iza and her sister came to see us. Without Farok around, Iza can still mix around, but i guess al my friends were eyeing on her sister, who is much prettier. Well I just don't care. As fendi said, I've a big responsibilities.. hehe.. at least I've carried it out. Heheh.. Even Ipin was asking about 'aweks' during futsal. Come on guys.. You should have brought one too. Not only me. You guys are much more hemsem than me.

Wednesday nite, was doing work. So many things to be done. Tasha called saying that she'll be around KL today, with her IBU. Not interested on her today, so I carry on with my work. Unfortunately, NJ called me telling me that she's in KL Sentral and asked me to fetch her there. Oh no.. I'm gonna have a football match today, and how could that be. I just asked her to wait for me in Plaza Pantai and I took her to Bangi.. so she just waited in my car while we playing. We lost 0-2 but we're improving. I was hardly able to run and sprint. Everything seems to be so heavy. And I remembered about the pill my boss gave to me. It must be about that.

After match, we went to dinner. LOT10 bangi.. hehe.. talk talk and ciao.. took NJ to my home while I took my bath. Talked to my housemate, which he was telling me that he'll be moving out and his place will be replaced by a single mom with a boy. Erk... I should be okay am I not? hehehe. Then we went out to PJ, i had roti kaya, so yummy, talk and we left to shah alam. sent her back and I headed back home and sleep.

Thorsdaeg :: We're about to move from Cyberjaya back to KL. I met my boss in Plaza Pantai and drove him to Cyberjaya. We packed up things, had breakfast in cyberjaya. When we're about to move to KL, i remembered i haven't paid some portion of the food we consume earlier in the morning, so we again went to the bus station. I was searching for which outlet i ate when my eyes met with another pretty pair of eyes owned by a girl having her lunch there.. She was pretty.. like an angel.. but i can just stare and walked away. On my way back to my car, i heard a girl....

'Ha ni la mamat botak tadi.. yang senyum2 kat aku..'

Hmm I didn't remember I gave her a smile but i did turn my head back towards them and give 'em an unhonest smile and she waved happily to me.. hahaha.. My boss asked me do u know that girl? hahaha.. i was just laughing.. laugh and laugh.. leaving him in wonders..

Reached KL, i put down all the things i take with my car. Then drove back to Plaza Pantai parked my car there. Then again we have game today.. and we lost again today, with the best team in the league, but we lost just 0-1. We're really improving. After that, we went home and as I was so bored, I went off to Mid Valley, watch the Pricess Diary 2. Not really a good movie but at least it helps me to stand the sleepy night.

Fridae :: I went to the clinic early in the morning, as I promised to Tasha, Ailin, Iza.. and who else.. Everyone of them wants me to go to the clinic for my flue but what's the big deal. Again met with the pretty doctor.. wonder why pretty people are surrounding me right now. I went to the friday prayer. After work, went to klcc with my boss. He insisted, as I've promised to see Ailin in Masjid Jamek. Anyway.. it's okay.. back from KLCC, went straight home, packed all my clothes to be brought back to Seremban and shoot off to Ailin's home. I dunno why i suddenly like to eat her cookings. No wonder she is.. hehe BIG.. hehe.. spent my time there.. watched Malaysian Idol. And till late 12.30, then I ciaoed to Seremban. I was fast.. averaging 180-200 km/h and reached seremban in no time. Reached home.. and sleep.

Saturday :: Woke up early in the morning. Went out with my father to Linggi, looking for some wood logs for some purposes. Then headed to my Kampung.. spent some times there.. played ping pong.. and went out to Tampin. But suddenly my clutch was having problem.. left my car in the workshop there.. and drove back to seremban with my bro's beetle. had dinner. had supper and my mom was baking our favourite cake.. hahaha.. then went to sleep.

Sundae :: Nuthing much.. doing nothing at home. watched TV asusual.. I'm now a terrible TV phreak! Even when I was about to go back to KL.. I was delayed by this one Tamil movie.. hahahaha.. Arrived in KL.. I was about to go to wedding of Ailin's cousin.. but the 2nd time I called her, she wasn't picking up so I just went back home.. tiredly.. thinking of that I'm gonna walk to work tomorrow..

Moondaey :: 4.00 AM, woke up and looked at my messages. Took off my contact lenses. replied several SMS. when i was about to go back to sleep, my phone rang..

It made my day too...

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