September 27, 2004

A week full of activity..

Wenchsday :: After work, went to Bangi, for I thought supposedly to be the referee of the soccer game but I was wrong, then I told them that I won't be the referee for the next match. Then I went to see my sisters, and asked them for a movie. Buai Laju-Laju by U-Wei Shaari.

The Movie in brief :: A pretty simple and plain movie but nice to watch. Getting off a lorry with a punctured tyre, Amran a drifter arrives at the premise belonging to Ibrahim a rich older man married to a younger beautiful woman called Zaiton. They live in a house that has a restaurant next door and where Zaiton works. Unable to pay for the food he has eaten at the restaurant, Amran agrees to do some manual jobs instead. Zaiton flirts with Amran who ends up working and staying there. Zaiton likes getting what she wants and gets Amran involved in murdering her husband Ibrahim. After the murder, which they make to look like an automobile accident, someone black mails them by sending pictures of them at the accident site. Zaiton has transferred all Ibrahim’s property into her account. Fearing the police Amran traces the sender - a photographer who he catches up with later in the town’s gardens. After taking all the pictures and negatives, Amran asks Zaiton to run away with him. Zaiton agrees to run away that very night. Whilst driving Zaiton takes the wheel, a car passes and pushes them to the side that causes a punctured tyre. Amran jumps from the car but before Zaiton can also jump the car explodes. Amran is sentenced to jail for the murder of Zaiton.

My Comment :: Straight to the point, even though it has so many illogical plots and geography (such as the highways and as so said in the very hinterland area, which is totally wrong), it has actually enlightens my interest to watch the movie. The shooting was taken in the area of Kajang, Serdang and Bangi, which happens that I'm quite familiar with that area. It was first started with showing the Petronas Station @ Sungai Merab, near Bangi, which the place is just 20 minutes from KL. And I can't understand why to go to KL, it would need the driver to take the route through the estate while the highways were already there since years ago. And in the town Kajang, there's only one police responsible (looks like he's the sherrif, well this is not a cowboy movie) and i seldomly see malaysian policeman with that sarcastic attitude, and obviously badly dressed up. And the most illogical part is when Amran was sentenced to jail for murdering Zaiton, where later she flew off to oversea at the end of the movie. But it was fun, the movie has pushed my brain to think and think in each and every scene of the movie. It's kewl.

Thirstdae :: Afterwork, went off to the movie.. late night movie.. this time Raising Helen 2. Guess I'm a bit late to be watching this movie, and this maybe the last day of it's screening in the Mid Valley GSC. Having in touch with so many girlfriends has made me a bit of confused on who should I pick to watch the movie with me, as tasha is now in Taiwan working. I asked Yan to come over from Putrajaya and we watched it together..

About the movie :: Chicky, nice, light and full of sweetness.. I like very much. You should watch it yourself, I know u people out there would rather prefer to watch Western movie than local malay movies, but i do think this movie is kewl.

Fridae :: I've always been wanting to be on Fridae, it's whether because it's gonna be weekend, or there must be something special about this day. Tonite I'm gonna fetch Tasha from the airport, and was thinking of giving her a surprise. A bouquest of white rose? As I left off the office, I drove all over Taman Desa to look for a florist. I found none, but later in the faber tower, I found a florist but it has already been closed. Then I drove slowly home, took bath and went to mid valley. Thank god the florist there was still open, and i bought her 10 white roses. hehe.. darn cute..

then i drove slowly to KLIA, 9.45 from Mid valley, through serdang, cyberjaya, putrajaya, dengkil, salak tinggi, sepang and I reached KLIA at around 10.55. Feeling sleepy, i slept for about half an hour, till Tasha called me acknowledging me that she has arrived. when i met her, she smells nice, with her nice hair.. but a bit tired.. so i was a bit shy to give her the flower. I was planning to wait for her with holding the roses at my back.. but later she was sleepy and she slept. As I hang the flowers at the left side back door lock, i was trying hard to reach for it while she was sleeping. At last, i put all the 10 roses on the pillow she was hugging.

As we reached seremban toll, she woken up and was asking who give her the roses, well i asked her back would u think anyone else would give my dear tasha the roses? hehe..

She told me that, I'm the first one ever to give her roses in her life. Whaddaf*ck? A pretty girl like her has never been getting a rose for life? Even though she's just 21 this coming october, i myself would h ave at least gave flowers to my gfs in school, and of course my ex at her age of 18 has been getting roses from me. And of course, giving roses is a sign of care, love, or what ever you define.. pity Tasha anyway....

Sent her home and drove back to KL.. was so sleepy.. and slept... Shatterday Morning, I called syah and drove to his house in subang perdana 2. had lunch and then drove to UM. Ailin was on her volleyball tournament. Met some familiar faces there too, especially the MAS team.. dunno why.. Ailin's team lost to both MAS and DBKL team that nite.. I was there to give her full support. but she lost all the game.. I was always teasing her to go back as they had lost most of the games and she gets mad..

Ailin followed me back home, as I'm going out afterwards. Took bathe and get myself ready to meet my friends in HRC. Sent Ailin to her home and went to HRC. There I met Elizany, Ayam and Fendi. How I wish Ekin is here tonite, so we can talk.. i wanna talk a bout few things with her. I was there for quite sometimes till Iza and Azam joined us.. Dun get me wrong, Azam is a girl.. pretty gurl!. So do Iza. As usual, my friend becoming more energetic after those two gals joined us. I'll post her picture sometime after my phone get unblocked. hehe.. then went off to bangsar, with Iza's Wira VR4 Turbo. I drove.. hahaha.. then went off home .. @ 6AM.

Shundae :: Happy sunday back to you.. Woke up at 8.45, as i'm gonna rush for Ailin's volleyball game in the morning.. but guess I was late.. the other team was playing but later Ailin told me it's a walk out since the UPSI team does not appear. then.. i wait wait.. since the other team was protesting against the MAS team for their team members who were said to be the member of a state team. Syah's kenduri will start at 12, so I better off there..

In syah's house, met so many people from BCB, and later my boss came.. and we have lunch and then i shoot off back to UM, as I was trying to call ailin but no answer.. And the protest was accepted and they're actually making their way to the semi final..

But in semi final, they lost to UM.. and then I enjoyed the final between DBKL and KDN. It was a fast game.. I really enjoyed it.. many spikes.. fast balls.. after the competition, I sent this one cute gal name Sarah to her home in Shah Alam, and then sent Ailin back home. Having dinner at her house... and watched small ville.. I just feel like I've watched that series b4. Then went home @ 10.30, took batch and sleep.

Moonday :: Got so many things to be done.. was writing this blog from the morning.. and only manage to get it done at 3:46pm.. my back is aching.. badly...

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