September 16, 2004

One happy day for me....

Tuesday afternoon :: I was waiting for Fiza, to confirm on our outing tomorrow.. and later, she paged me nicely.. but sadly she can't make it... we talk about other things too.. hehe.. but I'm fine with it.. was hoping to see her for quite long.. since early this year.. i asked her for valentine's Dinner.. and there are few others too .. but I only remember that one..

Tuesday nite :: After being so blue at work... i went back home a lil bit late, after doing appropriate things with my new moto A760, headed home and asked Rina, whether she wants to watch us playing futsal that nite.. and she agreed, get up home, bathed and went out, and reached Sports Unlimited at 9.30.. One good thing about being a friend with Rina is, I knew her for quite long.. it's been about two years now.. and now she's married.. she's just married, but no one would notice that.. hahaha.. well, she's a good friend of mine.. we always talk abt so many things.. abt life.. and all her happiness/sadness.. Tasha called.. Asha also called.. but Tasha was confirming that she'll be coming to KL tomorrow.. yeehaa!!!

Played futsal, had my late dinner, and hardly sleep.. I was so excited.. I can't wait for the new day to come.. I hardly sleep.. called Yan and Rina.. and later i slept.. at last!!!

Wednesday :: Ah!!!.... at last.. wednesday has come.. Buth first thing I confirm when I reached my car, for about a few weeks, my car has been running around without the Engine Oil? I went off to the shell station, pay the Engine oil by credit card, and fill 'em in.. then drove to plaza pantai and took lrt to Masjid jamek.. went in late to the training.. been there just for a while, took lunch, and during lunch, my Tasha called, and she's in KL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last time i met her was when I went to Farhan's cousin birthday party.. (can be checked out here). It was about a month a go right.. and i quite been missing her a lot..

Meeting Tasha :: I went down to the waiting are for Masjid Jamek LRT station.. down there.. I was looking around... for Tasha.. but she wasn't around.. maybe she hasn't arrived yet... wait.. wait and later an LRT towards Gombak arrived, and I saw her!!!! I tried to hide myself but she had already saw me with the nicest smile i've seen within the week...

Hei ya.. Tasha.. missed u so much.. and she missed me too.. hahahaha.. i was flying in the air for a few seconds.. i feel like hugging her but do u think I'm gonna do that? Well, as the LRT gonna leave soon, she pulled me in the LRT and we've looking to each other for quite sometimes until she said, do not lean on the door, or else.. hahaha.. i was laughing..

In KLCC, brought her to lunch, she likes Ayam.. or chicken.. she likes it so much.. so we went to Nasi Ayam in the picnic food court area.. i've already took my lunch.. and just take the mineral water (hallo, now i only drink water without sugar... ONRYYY!!) then we walked around as she's looking for a bag for her mommy.. then we walked towards the TGV, and looking for ticket.. but later we changed mind, and decided to watch movie in GSC Mid Valley, i think u guys would agree with me that watching movies there is much convenient.. KLCC has used to be the biggest but it's now GSC Mid Valley.. rite rite???

As we're supposed to go straight to plaza pantai, Tasha wanted to go to Petaling Street.. i knew that she's not been in KL for quite sometimes.. she was like to going everywhere.. she even wanted to go to IKEA.. I would be happy to entertain her today.. just say it..

In Petaling Street, things have changed a lot. I myself haven't been here for quite sometime, the last time I went here was when I was still going out with Atun & Liza, and my Bro.. it was 2 years back if I'm not mistaken..

She bought a new watch, I bought a new housing for my 6100, and gulp.. it looks brand new.. all this while it looks so bad.. i was thinking to buy the fried chestnut, Tasha would love it but she's afraid that she would get migrained after taking it.. guess, something is wrong.. hehe.. she's having her period.. hehe no wonder.. then we took LRT to kerinchi, get to my car and drove to Mid Valley.

Reached there, straight away went to the ticket counter and queued.. we wanted to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang but It's sold out.. and later we decided not to watch anything.. and I suggested Sushi King.. hahahaha.. went there.. asked her to try wasabi.. hahaha.. as i expected.. with her red face.. asking for water.. oh yeah.. how come i forgotten to capture that funny moment with my new Moto A760.. seriously I've forgotten.. other wise I'd love to share it over here.. we ate till drop.. but it was just RM20 till I can't pay with my credit card.. so bad.. my pocket was getting drier and emptier.. but never mind.. just this once.. it wasn't that bad..

Then.. we walked around.. and later we decide to get back home.. as I'm supposed to send her back to Seremban.. but I need to get back home first, to bathe and bring a few things back home.. such as charger, my hair equipments and my working clothes for tomorrow.. then in the room, she was asing a few tricky question that I just answered them with a smile.. but she pushed me to be quick.. so ok .. yeah yeah.. we're going now..

In the car, i drive slowly (that's the beauty of having someone next to you while driving) chatting, and this time she really dig deep into my mind and heart, but she keep asking me why i've been too good to her. And she keeps telling me that I talk too sweetly.. haha.. do I?

Yeah, today I keep telling her that she's beautiful.. but it's not just sweet talks.. It's true.. truly true.. she's really pretty today.. as i can notice, there's no eye that won't be looking at her, whenever and wherever I walk today.. as u can see, the guys next to her is smiling widely, being so proud of walking next to her while she holds my arm... hehe..

But she reminds me that she's not trying to give hope or anything.. I dunno.. I liked her very much but I understand, babes like her got a lot of eyes watching, a lot of guys looking too.. I told her I like her very much.. but she always ask me why do I liked her.. i just told her.. i think she's nice, and having good attitude too.. but later i found out.. the word that should come out from my mouth is 'COMFORTABLE'.. i'm actually, very comfortable if she's around.. feel loved.. feel kewl as well.. as for now, no more eyes were looking at me, as my hairs had been cut short.. no more glamorous hairs.. no more what ever..

Then, as we reached seremban, she wanted to see my parent's house.. fetched my brother and we went for dinner.. then sent her back home in seremban 2, and later went back home.. asked my brother to clean my car.. and when I wake up in the morning, it's beautiful..

Thanx to Iwan.. i love him so much..

Then drive back to KL, parked my car in plaza pantai, went to the training in Bank Muamalat HQ in Jalan Melaka, then got calls from Citibank telling me my card has been cloned.. oh gosh.. then went to citibank jalan ampang.. went back to muamalat.. and later drive to cyberjaya.. doing a lotsa things.. and then.. write this blog..

I missed tasha.. hahahaha

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