September 14, 2004


I felt so obviously determined to work both yesterday and today, but the thing is, I've nothing to do @ all. I ended up disturbing people around, call here and there..

After work yesterday, I went off to putrajaya, fetching Hemsem from the dataran putra and went off to lepak @ alamanda. Well, nothing changed from Shatterday till today, and later went to precinct 8 and had my tea, while he's having his ice blended mocha.. and we shared the french fries.

Loafing out with Hemsem again today, really reminds me the time when we used to go to Pantai Klebang Melaka @ nite, sitting there, from 12 midnite till 5 in the morning.. under the trees, enjoying the darkness of the nite, with the soft wind blowing from theland towards the sea.. puffing cigarettes and much as we wish for, sometimes we talk and sometimes we just sat there, talking to our ownselves.

I knew it.. I've forgotten about Lego, supposedly, I should have call lego first and then we should spend time for the tres of us..

Well time has gone by.. a lotsa things has come out of my memories all these days..

As hemsem's friends arrived in front of the precinct 8's 7-11, i left and straight away called Yan.. missed her.. and actually asking her out on Tuesday, after my office hours, taking her to my room and then went out for futsal.. but she might not be able to do so as her friend is coming over to her place and she had to accompany her friend out.

After seeing her, I went to SS14 PJ to see a friend, Rina, but eventually she brought her cousin, Liza, and tried to match-make me and her.. hahaha.. and.. she's bodylicious.. i drove them so hartamas square and had chit chat...

After talking a while.. I just get to know that Liza was actualyl had reduced her weight from initially 85kg to 7 kg as she is now.. wow no wonder she's bodylicious.. i was seen (hehe) a few times, swallowing my own saliva while talking to rina but my eyes were crawling over her bootylicious argh... but tonite rina was acting differently.. she seems to be going close with me.. well.. the best thing is when all the 4 uncles sitting next to us were sighing as they are not been able even to talk to both of my friends..

Then, when I reached home, Rina smsed me.. telling that, even though she tried to matchmake me with Liza, she was actually had this feeling of losing.. and she was telling me that she actually loved me all this while.. even she's married...



that's pathetic.. i myself felt that, i like Rina much more than liza.. ah.. forget it.. and my 'peminat setia' who claimed to be knowing me so well also smsed me last nite.. and she wish i knew her.. oh gosh.. i have no idea at all.. someone who's staying in nilai and previously was using 016 network hp.

Then, in the morning.. as I was driving over to Cyberjaya, as I was listening to Without You - 3 Doors Down.. all the old memories flashed up into my eyes.. while singing, i can feel my hot tears were dropping from the sharp end of my left eyes..

If I let u to used my car that nite, i wouldn't be losing it..

This is where we used to say out loud how do we feel for each other..

I was wrong for being harsh for every single thing u opposed..

I wish, all the time u were sad, I would be the one to comfort, instead i was not the one..

I wish, all the time u cried, I would lend u my shoulder but instead i get angry..

I wish that, I would find someone like you, u're so in love when you are..

I wish that, I'm still the one who could lend my chest for you to lean while sitting on the bench enjoying the nice scenery of the greens..

I missed all that.. and i let my tears run out to say it clear that i still miss u so much...


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