September 14, 2004

Eiffel... I'm in Luv...

I can tell your the whole movie.. I love it.. so so so much.. it was sweet, as sweet as any girl can imagine, can dream of, how her love life would be.. and it was something that how i wish my girl of my love would wish too..

The character from left :: Alan, Uni, Tita, Adit, Intan, Ergi, Nadya

It was about a girl, Tita.. who was so in love with ergi, at her age of 15, who wish to be going out with all her friends to the mall but always being objected by her mom. Instead, the father asked her to fetch her cousin who'll be coming back from France at the air port. she told her friend about that, but her friend made a wild guess that she might be matched-make with the cousin, Adit.

Till that fine day, as Tita waited @ the airport for quite sometime, then they realized that they were waiting @ the wrong place, which they were supposed to be waiting @ the international arrival. When they moved there, suddenly she knocked someone at his chest and thay guy was mad @ her. Coincidently, the driver came up and calling her name, so they guy who was actually Adit, the cousin, again get mad to her as they were waiting for quite long. Met his uncle.. then everything gone fine. The uncle told her that Adit was still actually suffering the lost of her mom, so he became quite aggressive and hot-tempered..

While at school, rumours were saying that Tita was pregnant, cause by Ergi her bf but the parents wants the cousin to be responsible..

Detailed enough? hehe

Enough with the details, the rest of the movie was about how the guy was actually tryng to win her heart but at the same time, he is unable to say it out :: what every he feels inside his heart..

As they say their love in the park of Paris

So just as other movies.. and love movies like this, it will always end up in a good mood, good ending, even though in the middle of watching it, i was so worried the love story would end up badly, as it was the smoothest love life one could ever had. I wish i can have something like that. Any problem can simply solved by words... or was it me, that who can't say things supposedly?

Things i rike about the movie... Adit, just like the name of a friend of mine, I met him in the bugfest but he seems to be avoiding me... who was ex-bf of someone who used to be so close to me.. hehe

Adit, who was a lil bit ego, not to be said as ego, he was just shy to admit, that, he was so in love with her.. he had so many things to say, but he just swallow it, for a lot of reasons.. I do understand him.. a lot.. because..

I'm just like him... I used to be going to say, wah.. u're so pretty tonite.. wah.. nice dress.. huiyo.. i feel like hugging you all night.. but i used to receive negative acceptance like.. ahh.. u're lying.. oh.. i dun think that's true.. or.. maybe u just wanna tease me.. something like that.. so I understand every single thing he does.. and felt.. especially, the most memorable moment in that movie was;

Adit entered the room he decorated for Tita without knocking the door in the morning, as Tita was still sleeping.. Tita asked why didn't he knocked the door.. and as he brought the breakfast, and served it to her.. he asked..

"Have u read it? What do u think.. How do u feel about it?"

"Read what. What's with all the flowers, and the knocking of my head on the door. And U enetered the room without knocking the door"

"Don't be like that.. I wanna know how do u feel. I'm embarassed right now..."

Then, I don't really remember, they were like quarelling and adit left.. Tita was off the bed and looked for the said writing in the card.. It was a picture of both of them when they're still small and ard the back of it was written.. I love you... then her Mom came in and told her that she's going out with Adit for a special dinner tonite.. and the mother chiao..

Tita went over to Adit's room and knocked his door. He said 'MASUK' and she entered.. She asked why he's not looking at her, he said he was busy with his studies as the exam is just around the corner. She told her that she likes the thing he wrote on that card and asked him where are they gonna have dinner for that nite? He was just saying that u'll just follow him.. with a mood that was obviously I can see it as a bad mood that was pretended by Adit.. because I knew it from there adit was happy, but he tried not to show it.. then she left.. as she left.. she was quite dissatisfied with Adit's treatment to him and decided to reopen Adit's door..

Hahaha.. As I expected, i was right all the way, he was happy and he was dancing... it was so ugly.. hahahaha.. i was laughing so loud.. but later.. i felt sad..

I used to do that... when my loved one says that she's sorry and say that she likes what i did for her.. i was being harsh but in fact.. I'm so fabulously happy.. i felt like jumping down to the ground from the 3rd floor of my hostel (the max was 3d floor)...

And till the end of the movie, even though i was laughing but deep in my heart, I was sad... so so so sad.. but the love story was so sweet, and I was having such an as close as sweet as that love story.. but it was ruined by me as well.. and how i wish i could have such a sweet love life as that..

The kiss on the forehead, the sign of the sweet love relationship that they're having

But.. to keep the sweetness is very hard.. bitterness will come anytime.. as sweet things always become sour if it is not be taken cared fully.. and it may become bitter if the sweetness was damaged... in many ways..

And I like Tita.. even though she seems to be a girl who seems to be feeling not enough of what she had.. she is the sweetest thing ever someone can have in life.. she dreamt all the things in her life to be sweet, even though in reality, it always hard to achieve that.. see what Ergi had done to him.. and she's so lucky to be having adit as her love subject.. and I used to have someone like Tita.. so sweet... and restlessly feeling not enough of what she had from me.. and as I said, sweet things is hard to keep it as sweet, u might want it sweeter..

Well, sometimes.. we have to be real.. just get real.. Eiffel... I'm in Love is just a girl's dream comes true.. and i wish to have a girl like Tita.. again..

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