September 21, 2004

Two days :: full of smiles and colours...

After getting out of the office, i went home, took bath and started to call few friends.. as usual.. a damn self-bored person is always like that. Then Ailin was just reached home.. so i went to her home and had dinner with her, at the stalls around.. well, she just watched me eating as she has just had her dinner, packed all the way from Sungai Petani.

Then.. we walked around, i had an ice cream shile she had a lollipop, euch... it was too sweet, then we sat at the poolside at her apartment and talk about life.. She seems to be frustrated for a lotta things.. i was just listening.. i'm happy to talk to her too.. as she had a lotsa thing for me to tease..

then I get back home and sleep..

Moonday :: I woke up early, but i lay on bed till 8, when i was abt to go to the bathroom, then Kelvin get in first.. My doodie was like pushing itself out of my ***, gotta hold it, as kelvin was still inside. Get all the things ready for today's match.. and the spare clothes..

Went to the office, went to breakfast, then do nothing, then had lunch then do nothing again, even my boss was laughing at me for doing nothing, and after work, i went off to bangi for the match..

Result :: we lost 3-4, but 2 of the opponent's goal were resulted from the offside that was not able to be seen by the line's person. so bad.. we had 1 penalty and 2 victorious goals, but that wasn't enough for us to create a winning moment. That was not bad for a team that has never been training, and obviously, has never played in a team.

BIG THANX TO FAROK, HEMSEM, WIRA AND BOB for joining our team.. haha!!!

After game :: I started to work at 7 something when Tasha missed call, and i called and talked to her for about an hour.. ah i was about to fly.. i was missin her so f*ckin much.. then continued with my work.. I worked till 11.30 pm.. for that bloody stupid corona system. it gives me headache everytime my boss asked for it.. then get back home and sleep..

Touseday :: wake up and smell the carcass.. hahahaha.. freshly woke up.. and headed to work.. now everything seems to be faster.. this clean head has reduced my getting-ready-to-work time from almost an hour to just 15 minutes.. but i'm gonna keep my hair later.. u don't worry fans out there hehe.. (perasan)

My today has bloomed and shined so bright. My Tasha had smsed me with sorry for not picking up my call later last nite.. and she promised to accompany me to meal later.. and she told me she likes white roses.. just like what i adored.. and dreamt of..

White Rose :: It's picturing the mood of mild weather, with wind blowing softly, on the top of a hill there's a house built next to a big tree. There's a swing tied to the branch of the tree, while my loved one rides on it, holding white roses i picked up from the garden.

NAH!!!! hahahahahaha!!

And again today.. I was doing nothing.. until now.. chat chat, email email, gave comments to other people's blog, made phone calls.. and lastly writing this blog..

Talked to ckin.. fiza as well.. talk over the phone with Tasha of course.. and few of my colleagues..

Getting tired now.. bye..

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