September 13, 2004

A week full of activity..

For the past few days, as I was in kl for the whole weekend, i've been doing a lotsa things..

As on the last Thirstdae, I don't remember what I've been doing.. Same goes to Fridae.. accept during the nite, I went to a farewell dinner, as My ex-GM of my ex-company is retiring. And as she's retiring, they made a birthday party for her in advance..

I look really like a jap that nite.. and later... i went out with my boss and hemsem. We went to hard rock... there i met with Ekin.. yeah.. how kewl to meet her.. she's cute.. and nice too.. we talked about a lotsa things.. bla bla bla... we talk for sometime and later when the band started we get back to our own friends.. how i wish i could take her picture and put it here.. hehe..

Out of hard rock, kak Wan called me, and we had supper at Bangsar.. hehe.. then sent my boss to his home and Hemsem too.. then went off home..

Shatterday :: woke up ard 9, went to serdang to meet lisya to help her on her phd project.. after that, i called Yan, and ask her out.. haha.. At last, i reached Alamanda, the shopping complex in Putrajaya... but it seems that it's going to be like any other 'kampungan' place.. well i had my lunch there.. and for the first time had lunch with a gal sitting facing to each other.. which seems to be weird to me.. i'd prefer sitting next to anyone... even with my ex though, we've once sit face by face but later we think that it's weird.. ya know.. sitting side by side.. under the table you can do just anything u want.. hehe.. just wanna be close.. nto to be romantic.. what do u want.. to be romantic or to be close.. I'm so sorry.. I'm an Adit in the Eiffel, I'm in Luv type of person.. hahaha.. not romantic..

later, i sent yan back home, because i'm going to see ailina... it's weird that i've never address her or call her with her very own name.. just call her by 'wak', shortened of 'awak' that means you in malay language. So as I reached her place, it was raining, then i went up to her house.. and tada.. my new HAND PHONE!!!!!!!!!

It's a linux based phone with Java.. Support linux Go Go!!

Then.. I went back home.. get bathed and went down to the saloon for the hair make over.. by hair were quite badly managed these days.. hehe.. then rushed to Gazebo Subang to meet Mr. SM and all other AF fans.. met there.. and sadly, I've unfortunately deleted all their pix from my handphone.. too bad isn't it.. then i rushed back early as there was supposed to be a futsal game tonite but later it was cancelled, and I called Nur Aniza.. and I rushed to Kg. Dato' Keramat to see her..

She's nice.. but she said i look older than my age.. hahaha.. then sent her home.. and met with ailina again.. we chat till dropped.. hahaha.. sent her home and i went back home sleeping..

On Shundae :: woke up at around nearly 11, took bath, called cop and hemsem.. as we're going to the karaoke.. fetch hemsem in USJ, and cop in bangsar LRT station.. and we went karaoke..

After that.. sent them home.. i rushed back to Mid Valley for the movie.. Eiffel, I'm in Luv with Ailin again.. after movie.. had dinner at the Sushi King with Ailin... and sent her back home.. as I reached home.. I straight away fall asleep..

* Next :: Review on Eiffel, I'm in Luv.

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