September 8, 2004

It's been a week..

Last week, i was updating my blog from JB, where i was there to settle with my car thingy.. a lotsa things came up.. i was called for an investigation for an accident case involving my car plate's no. in Klang, but at the same time, my car still in the workshop for the conversion & painting work. As I've got the advice from the traffic police in JB, i would be required to just send a mail to the correspoding investigation police officer with all the proof, the police reports, the required documents and so on. Settle with that, i took bus from JB to Seremban, and from Seremban I drive back to KL in my B16A4 EJ7.

Then, kak Wan called, asking me to come to Uncle Chilli's in PJ, so I went there, meeting new friends, police friends, irene, gee and kak wan as well..

Thorsdaeg :: I hardly remember.. but i still remember, after work, I went to serdang, meeting lisya.. fetch Fendi at his house.. took him to my house.. i took bath and we went out to fuzions.. :: Today.. went out again.. to Uncle Chili's again, with my boss, chili, fendi, shima, idayu, kak wan, gee, irene, 2 policemen and a businessman from sunway.. went back late..

Shatterday :: Went off to Seremban.. my granmas and aunties were home.. at nite we went out.. have tea.. and get back home.. i watch tv till late..

Shundae :: Wake up early... breakfast and get ready to go to my friend's wedding in KL. Romdzi's wedding.. met gmen, lego, and some other friends too.. after the wedding, I went off to Erien's shell station, fetch her and take her and Annette to Ampang Point for their lunch. then took her to KLCC and left erein there for her movie.. then i left home and sleep.

Moondaeg :: First day in cyberjaya.. As I arrived, went off to breakfast in Street Mall, get back to the office, headed to Bangi, then get back to the office and went out for tea again.. with yann.. then after work, dropped by the infoport, met fendi and we went out for dinner.. went back home and sleep..

Touseday :: As cyberjaya was so boring, today I went to KL.. work here.. in muamalat.. not so much fun.. so boring.. after work, i was about to call fiza, maybe for tea, but guess she had left.. tried to call her anyway but the network was busy.. hmm.... so i just headed home, hemsem called and I fetch him.. went to sports unlimited and had match.. then went for late dinner with farok, and later went for drinks with kak wan, gee and irene.. and then sent hemsem back home.. and get back home.. and sleep..

Wenchday :: I'm in cyberjaya's office and boring.. feel like goin to kl now.. Not really in the mood. I should be having transport allowance of RM400 but it was just RM300 since they've not updated my address from Serdang to Taman Desa.. so bad...

NOT IN THE MOOD... i feel like going to KL, and ask fiza for lunch..

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