October 14, 2004

A bz wednesday

A real bz day today. Yesterday, I went home and went out again for my Futsal session. There 12 person. I'll try to recall one by one of them.

Me, Rosli, Mi, Bahar, Wira, Paul, Farok, Hemsem, Labu, Ipin, Bisu, Pakwan.

Kewl I remembered all the 12 people attended last nite's futsal. I'm worried, as being too busy will actually wekened the ability of memorizing.. argh!!

It was fun, even though i'm still haunted by my leg injuries. I do feel like my legs are too heavy to be lifted off the ground. But slowly and easily I can cope up with everything again. Scored a few goals.. hehe..

After futsal, no one is going to have supper. Damn! Then I called Liza and asked her out. I brought her home while I bathed and changed. Well, she needs to go back soon.

Earlier yesterday, I called Tasha, telling her how much I miss her these days. Sound stupid to you people who read me as a playboy. No, I'm not. I was told that I sounded playboyish from the list of girls that I went out with.

I just went out with them. Nothing to worry about. No string attached. Especially Asha, she always think I'm fooling around. No I'm not.... okay? I like to be friend with anyone. I would never dislike anyone. If you wanna be my friend, carry on, but don't push me to be disliking anyone.

And today again, despite of being so damn busy the whole day, chatted with Baby, Niza, Ai Lin, Rynna, Ckin, my boss and Jeff online. So stupid, my boss sit next to me but I chat with him online.. hahah just for the fun.

Pity baby, she had to do the work again all by herself. Niza again talked abt things, life.. Really like talking to her.. she was telling me the experience of she being courted by a fella in HRC last Saturday. Ckin was talking about the band competition last nite. Yeah I've totally forgotten about it. A total ost of my mind isn't it. I was supposed to go there to watch the band competition final.

Heh.. remembered when I was in the band competition, back in MMU a few years back. Spootid. I've forgotten the lyrics, as the bass sounds weird. So shameful. Earlier, my brother went off the beat badly. Another shameful moment. But at least, I can still smile when me, eric, kimi, amat and hemsem performed during the management night. When we stpped up the stage, everyone was like cheering up. As we presented the 1st song, acoustically, then we present the next song in full piese which requires me to do a lotsa things. We were boo'ed as we started late, there so many things i've to configure. As we started, people started to jump on joy as we're the loudest and the most rocking band ever that nite. As we stepped down, people are screaming for more.. Applauding our name MOSH MOSH MOSH so many times but they were just left with frustration as we need to off the stage.

We're said to win, but we're not. But at least, we know that people left the hall as the winner wasn't us. And i've becoming much2 famous after that.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, i was thinking that Liza might be taking some amount of money from my wallet last nite. Damn IT! I'm starting to dislike someone. DAMN DAMN! I'm off the office now

(8:33 pm)

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