October 24, 2004

Fast Weekend!!

It's saturday night. I just can't help myself from this desire to write. Even though it's just not making any kind of sense towards anything, i just love it. I wonder what would be the reaction of anyone, especially my parents if i tell them i love to write. It's actually i told myself once that I'm gonna be a reporter, or journalist, since my nature to write has been there since i was in form three.

It was all started with my BM teacher, who thought us Essay Writing. I was definitely have no idea of what to write when i was asked to write an essay. Since my standard 6, i was bad in writing essay. Not even in Malay language, i was having a very bad english as well.

And I just can't forget that I failed my 'O' level (generally we call it 1119 English). Just because i didn't know what's the meaning of the word 'COWARD'. I was so sad later, after went off the exam hall and I opened a dictionary, found out that the word coward means.. something like no balls. Scared of doing something. It was supposed to about a coward boy but instead, I wrote about a brave boy.

It haunted me till the SPM examinations.


Yesterday as I went off the office, I rushed out but unfortunately, the lifts was so full, I decided to run down the stairs from the 12th floor of menara Muamalat. There, Ai Lin has been waiting for me, as I've been wanting to see her for a very long time. She was on fever.

I walked her to the star and we split. I was on Putra heding to kerinchi, to take my car and heading to JB. It was fine at first, till some distance after the seremban toll, i called my Pak Ngah and asked him for the time of maghrib prayer. For the fast breaking, I just took plain water and continued drive.

I called Fiza, got her. She went out with her family somewhere near the Legend Hotel. As we were talking, she asked me to call later as she's going to finish her meal and asked me to call her back at some later time. Then I called Tasha, same thing, as i felt like I shouldn't have called her at the first place. Then it started to rain, so heavily will i hardly see anything. I just cross my fingers and pray that nothing bad will happen as I was still driving at the speed of 100 km/h, quite fast for such condition.

All the way, I recalled everything, every single thing had happened in my life. I was recalling all cars I had. This is my 5th car after all. Since i started to work in May 2000, my Father asked me to use the Perodua Kembara, a chick's favorite 4wd. Even Tasha is looking for a Kembara for her first car.

The problem was, it consumes petrol like a 4.8 V8 engine. What the heck. Driving from KL to JB requires me to refill the tank. Whole journey costs me RM55 of petrol, not for the same journey, using my Satria GTi, the car that I had next to it, after I sold the Kembara paid in cash by a 'taikor' in Melaka. That was my first time having such amount of cash in my hand. The Satria GTi anyway, consumes only RM25 of petrol. Bigger displacement with more power consumes less petrol. At that time, I considered that as a miracle as I was still blur about the motorcar's engine system.

The reason was easy, low torque is good for short distance while high torque is much better for long driving. The petrol was consumed much less in my Singapore's version EK3 which was bought after my Satria GTi was stolen after just 3 MONTHS!! But, the car again was history as out of my knowledge, it was a smuggled car. History..

Then I used a lot my ex's car either her satria V6 or her turbo kancil. Both are kewl cars I could say. V6 than can accelerate amazingly and a kancil with blow off sound, at least I've got something I played with while boring driving. All my previous cars were standard, no modification except for the Honda Civic, which I changed the absorber's springs and it was rolling on a set of 17" kewl sports rims.

I started to do modifications on my 4th car, a Proton Wira 1.5 Gli. Not so kewl car but it managed to take me anywhere i wanted to. Started with the audio system which consists of an amplifier, a subwoofer, a cd/vcd/mp3 player and an LCD display. I drive around with that, of course at the early stage it was a cool thing to have.

Later, those the player & the amplifier was stolen, at the same time Lysa badly needs me, and Nana was crying calling me, telling me about her bf forced to her to eat the Tomyam Mee which has been mixed with the orange juice. I was blank as I was mad at the stealing.

Results :: I lost all, the audio, Lysa and Nana. haha...

A few months later, I replaced the player with a new player, without the VCD player and replaced the amplifier with the same one. Then I replaced the springs, to sports springs, and later the absorber, from oil to gas. And added stabilizer bars. And last thing I did was the sports rims. And that wira looks a bit kewl, even my friend borrowed it to go to a date.


After I finished paying for the Rims, I sold off the car and was without car for 3 months (May to August). I bought again a Honda Civic, and it's where my money all gone!! Converted to B16A4, a full blown exhaust system, from the air filter, air filter hose, front box, mid box and the muffler, adjustable absorders, sparco springs, stabilizer, new black paint, new sub woofer replacing my old woofer, one additional amplifier to the existing (taken from my previous car) and obviously my 16" CE48 Volks Racing sport rims!!! gosh.. I love the car so much!!! And that doesn't include new clutch pump, clutch plate, new head gasket, new speed sensor, new thermostat and new fan switch.



reached JB, took bath, prayed, took dinner and went to sleep. woke up for sahur and sleep, woke up for prayer and sleep. woke up and sent my car to the wokshop. wait for my father and then drive back to Seremban. When I was abot to reach Malacca, the workshop called me and asked me to take the car as there's nothing much wrong, just some fine tuning and everything is as usual. reached seremban, my father went straight to KL. I went to Pasar Ramadhan. called wawa to ask her to go together but she didn't pick up. bad.


watched My Siasat (previously called Edisi Siasat) there are few issues..

Masjid India :: Hei... this is just beind my office. I use to deliver my Jumaat prayer there, on the street. It was kewl, as we're praying on the street, and there are trees to shelter us from heat. the new development has totally covered up mosque from being seen. SO bad, I myself haven't been thinking about it. In the eagerness of the DBKL to develop the city, they've forgotten religious ethics.

Sharifah Aini :: Stupid issue. A waste of energy and time of the policemen who are supposed to investigate on other heavy crimes.

Poor family :: Who shouldn't be sad and sympathy for such thing. A family with 6 kids lives in a jungle side. No walls, just roofs with messy surrounding; but we all know that money is not easy to get but with proper way, money is earnable. No matter how, at least selling food, burger or whatever. The father used to drive around, in a van, selling old metals. But it seems like they're hoping too much on other people's help. I'm not sad of their poverty, but their lack of surviving effort.


Back from terawih, watched A Knight's Tale. I remembered I watched this movie with someone, but how good my memory is, there are still, things wiped out of my memory.

Gotta sleep!!!

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