July 30, 2004

Bz :: So so bz..

Only today I got the chance to open my tblog for the 2nd time of this week. Previously was to jot the previous post.. And now to write abt the whole week.. Hmm.. I really miss writing into my blog.. There are so many things to be written.. And Asha is always calling me nowadays, but I do go out with Erein sometimes.. being in her BMW is heheh..

Moondaeg :: I'm on training today. I fetched a cab, and that fella add another rm5 for the taxe fare.. stupid.. that is really stupid. Arrived in Bangi and later found out that the trainer has forgotten about the training and we're waiting for him for quite sometimes. The training only started at around 2.30.. where the cute business manager of that company, Lai Yuen Ling, bought us a few cans of drink and pastries.. Tell ya, I do ate a lot hahahaha... After training.. the trainer, who happened to be living in Bangsar gimme a ride to my home.. At home.. I did my work out, getting tired of myself.. composed a few lines of lyrics for my new song and then get to sleep.. zzzZZZZZzzzz

Tousedae :: What a f*ck.. Today I was trying to get a cab to go to bangi again.. and h*ll yeah, no cab driver wanted to send me to either bangi or seputih commuter station. I was waiting from 7.30am. At around 8.15, i decided to walk from my home to Seputih Commuter Station. Arrived there at around 9 and the commuter arrived in Serdang at abt 9.30. Called Adha to fetch me from The Serdang Commuter station and, we had sometime at the Mamak Restaurant, together with fendi.. after a while talking, my colleague from Bangi called to ask me to come quick.. hehe.. as usual.. training.. sleeping.. and today no free food like yesterday.. Erein did called me to ask me out.. But I'm not so sure as I'll be having futsal tonite..

After training :: My sister fetched me from BCB Putra Training Centre, and she took me to the McDonalds.. While we're eating, my other sister who happened to be in Serdang joined us.. hehe.. I'm borrowing my sister's car tonite.. cause tonite I've got futsal.. eventually my boss called and I have to go to the office to do something.. some problem solving.. settled things, went back home and went out again to Sports Unlimited for Futsal.. I played really good tonite.. did scored more than 10 goals (hahaha.. the reborn of the 'ol striker of MOZAC), then went back home sleep like stupid.. haha.. well.. tonite

Wenchsdaiy :: Hehe.. today going to bangi by car.. my sister's car.. had breakfast frist.. 3 packs of nasi lemak.. it's a very good nasi lemak can be found in Taman Desa, the only 24 hours Mamak Stall available in Malaysia.. after breakfast, fetched my sister and went to Pusat Latihan Putra BCB Bangi.. she went off and I'm in the training again...

Luncheon :: Hahaha.. free lunch today.. Lai Yuen Ling took us to lunch, the place suggested by Azzian, and we had quite a good lunch there.. it's kewl.. hehe.. after lunch, just a few discussion, and we went off. Sathiya, the trainer again gimme a ride to the office but today my boss asked me to come over to Muamalat to replace him as he's too tired to do things.. I was about to ciao at around 6.30 but later on we've just found out that there are more things to be done.. So actually tonite Erein asked me to come over to Plaza Ampang (Plaza Yow Chuan to some people), and karaoke.. At around 8, I took LRT to Ampang Park and waited for her.. damn.. waited for about 45 minutes, well.. she came at last.. she's so sweet tonite.. but sick.. having quite a heavy fever.. me, erein and kak Sid were there for about 3 hours and ciao.. They sent me back home to taman Desa, had drinks and then they left.. Me as usual doing my workouts till 2 and sleep like stupid again...

Thirstdae :: (hahaha.. at this point my friend has arrived, we're going out.. haha.. so to be continued...)

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