August 2, 2004

Linda is out from AF2

Hi everyone.. I have totally forgotten from which point should i continue with my story.

It was thirstdae :: Went to work as usual.. Went to muamalat almost everyday for now.. At work, asha did called me.. asking me out.. and later erein called me and asking me out.. hehe.. of course I'll go with erein. she fetched me at the LRT station and went to her pet child home. was there to watch a few part of akademi fantasia's diary.. then went off taman desa, had drinks and she went back.. Later i called asha.. talk sweet2 to her.. and later went to sleep after an hour of workouts.. I'm so tired..

Fridae :: Fridae is actually a gay website.. you should check this website. On fridae, as usual went to work.. friday prayer at the Masjid Jamek and later on at nite, Chilli called, to ask me out.. then Eric fetched me sent me home.. and later chilli fetched me, and we went to Hard Rock Cafe... it was so boring.. and I went off..

Shatterday :: I'm working today.. after a heavy workouts.. went off to work.. erein called me to watch akademi fantasia with her and her friends tonite.. no sweat.. went to muamalat.. tried to figure out a few things.. a few unsolved mysteries.. went out to berjaya times square.. bought my boss's kid's present.. then to sungai wang.. later his wife came and they dropped me off to KLCC.. in KLCC, i had ice cream and later when erein called, i went off by LRT to setiawangsa station..

Then :: Erein with a nice lady (l8er on i found out her name is Anis).. fetched me and we went to a soup selling outlet. had nice chat there.. then went off to her house in bukit antarabangsa.. only the tres of us.. then came comot, and later kak sid and zek.. we were watching akademi fantasia.. gosh.. I'm the only male there.. anyway.. only 3 of us are straight.. the rest were like... ~~

Anis :: A very nice lady.. soft spoken... married with 3 child.. do respect for her for a lotsa things.. had chat with her.. she's been working as the same area as mine so we can talk about almost anything in common.. and only now i know she's in trouble.. well.. she's tough.. kinda cute too.. heheh

AT nite :: haiyoh.. someone is coming and i've to off the house.. Kak sid and zek sent me home.. but I'll have to wait for wai to came back first.. wai is one of the dancers in the akademi fantasia show that nite. She's the one who act as a couple at the group singing with a guy.. and she's.. erkk.. not straight.. I went home.. and sleep.. so tight...

Sundae :: wake up several times. 8, 9, 10, 11.30 then only I wake up.. do some workouts.. was thinking of swimming.. but no one's there.. had bath.. and then went out with Helena to Amcorp Mall.. bought a shirt.. watched a movie.. king arthur.. and then had lunch.. late lunch.. then went to ampang park.. discovered a cheap items shop there.. bought 2 pants and 2 shorts.. went off back to klsentral.. sent helena back home.. and then went back..

So boring.. i miss my farah so much...

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