August 6, 2004

A week that I'm getting thinner

Moondae :: Hehe.. i was in the office in the morning, borrowed a friend's car, get back home, bathe and get back to work at abt 10. In the afternoon, went to muamalat as usual.. And in the afternoon, this when i started to walk home. From Seputih Commuter station back to my home.. It's not that long.. I took me just about 35-40 mins.. It's a real sweating workout, but in the office suit, can u just guess how does it it feels like? Asha called and she offered to take me home but i'd now prefer to walk.. She talks to me all the way i'm walking back home, at home then, i went to the cafe, ordered nasi goreng belacan and eat deliciouly.. yummy!

Touseday :: Wake up a bit early in the morning.. When i wake up.. i was like thinking oh gosh.. i'm gonna walk again today.. but i'm really determined.. Yesterday, when i was walking home, i was like missing my sense of direction, but today, I'm ready to which direction should i pick to go to work.. I reach the commuter station within 35 minutes.. I was sweating like hell, but luckily, i'm not of smelly type, guess, smell does comes from people who sweat without working out.. reached the office, take a rest for sometimes and went to muamalat.. Then my boss went off early and me too.. walking home from Seputih Commuter Station.. Erien called and talked to me till i reach home.. went up, and she called again.. confirming about the karaoke contest that we're about to be participating.. me and Kak sid.. then swam in the pool for about 45 mins.. before my boss called that he can't take me to futsal as he left his shoes ard home and gotta turn back. Then ipin, who is supposed to be intially pick me cancelled as his baby is getting fever... at last called my fren who were driving all the way from serdang, puchong, and subang to fetch me there... i did played and.. kewl.. i think i'm improving.. Eric said that my ballkicks are getting stronger.. went off with eric and al, went to the lotus inn near the citibank.. and talk about sex all the time.. haha.. later, they sent me off home..

To be continued........

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