August 9, 2004

Today :: Am trying to update this as often as possible..


Morning :: As i arrived in the office this morning, I composed the last few days activities into this blog. Then I went to breakfast with Abu, then later checked my money.. yeah.. my claims has been in.. so time to draw some of 'em, reload my touch & go, and went upstairs.. then do nothing most of the time.. so I played the Karaoke CD i just bought.. Ferhad - Pernah.. just to get familiar with the song.. even though I'm actually would be able to sing it.. but I would want it to be perfect.

Noon :: Yeah.. we're going to the mid valley.. haha.. I'm carrying a few hundreds in my pocket. we went for lunch.. hehe.. as usual.. all time favourite :: the Portuguese Grilled Fish.. but today it's a bit hot.. then.. we went to go round.. I myself intending to be looking for some clothes. went to Body Glove.. they're not on sale as big as before.. used to go there with 70% discount.. then went to the MetroJaya.. and there's a body glove section.. which is giving such 70% discount.. I took a pant, a half pant and 2 shirts.. at the paying counter, saw the hush puppies socks and bought 'em too.. total up ... nearly just 140++.. haha.. quite cheap then.. then went back to the office.. Topped up Tasha's hp and getting a kiss again from her (oppss), anyway.. it's just on the phone.. (what do u have in mind? i'll leave it to u)

Afternoon :: My boss then called me whether I'm going to the Citibank to pay for my Credit Card or not.. as he's already went off to Muamalat. Then I straight away went out, off to muamalat, took his check and off to citibank.. there I met Sazuan.. and she took me to her office..

Sazuan :: She was without her scarf.. hmm how beautiful she is.. well.. i was helping her on some of her work.. well.. settle 'em and she treat me with some salad.. hehe.. gewd enuf for me tho.. she's getting thinner.. her butt is getting smaller tho.. feel like falling in love with her again.. :p

back to Office :: My boss called me several times asking when am I going to be back in the office. I have something to do, to setup Murex for the MXOPS environment.. and still listening to ferhad.. actually.. I'm going to sing Hero - Enrique Iglesias this thursday, but as that song, I've already know it quite well, it's time to prepare for the next round (hehe.. do I sound too confident with myself?)

Talked to Erein :: As she sound so 'manja' with me.. i was lost of words.. was thinking to talk abt things happen today.. but i was just lost of words when talking to her.. well miss her a lot.. it's been days with her left hand holding my right palm.. ahh.. normally i would like girls to be on my left.. but this time.. let 'em decide.. Tasha would love to hold my left hand then.. So goes with Asha..

Going back home.. it's already 8.30 pm and I'm alone inthe office.. Gonna have a very long walk to home.. nite then.. :*

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