August 11, 2004

One more day to go...

Today is wenchsday....

Yesterday.. Went to the office by car.. Unie dropped by my area and picked me up to the office, when then later I was asked to go to Muamalat, but later cancelled.. had breakfast with boss and Ye Yann.. but later again I was ordered to come to Muamalat to settle certain issues. Anyway, as I was just arrived there.. the issues settled. Then later my boss came and we went to several department to get into on especially Islamic Banking. I will have to be prepared for this new Islamic Banking project.

Then, went down to 6th floor, and start doing out work.. had drinks.. and then came back to Plaza Pantai.. do some work.. and Ye Yann sent me back home..

I was alone at home then.. called a few people.. Talked to Julie.. she is still so lovely... I think i'm the one who fucked up everything about the relationship with her.. but she promised to go out with me next week.. yeeha!! Then I called Tasha.. she was just woke up.. she's a bit moody as usual.. and later she sounded angry, hehe.. u know me.. provocative :p .. then called sazuan, she was busy eating.. and later called baby.. she wasn't around.. so i just spend my time half naked on my bed playing guitar and try to memorize Ferhad's lyrics and melody.. they seems really hard to be sang.. oh shit.. the contest is just another 2 days to go..

Later.. Eric picked me up.. went to futsal last nite.. haha.. and this time, marina and idayu joined us. we're playing 6x6 with a girl in each team.. ouch.. i've tackled idayu last nite.. hope she'll be okay then.. hahaha.. it's just a slow tap on her hips, but she straight away fell down.. nvm.. she's always okay.....then went to refreshments.. talk to Eric's friend.. and it's always about AF2.. hahaha.. we talk for abt half an hour.. just abt AF2, abt different thoughts, theory and so on.. hehe.. i do enjoy talking that nite.. then eric sent me back.. off to home.. took bathe and slept.

So this morning, went to bangi settled a few things and went back to muamalat.. and i'm here..

so what's up now.. let's get back to it's all about the AF2..

It's always AFUNDI ZAHID and AFUNDI FARAH.. only lately i think i should vote for her as well..

AFUNDI ZAHID.. and tomorrow is my contest day.. and i will have to also think about when am I going back to JB to pick my car.. hehe.. a newly installed B16A machine in my car.. hehe... sure slurrpyy.. hehe....

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