August 12, 2004

AF :: Way of life?

I was wondering whether AF2 has been a way of life for certain people in Malaysia. I've recently joined a mailing list on Akademi Fantasia@yahoo. I'm getting emails every single minutes. They've nothing else, only about AF, and the mails keep coming 24 hours (when I opened my office email, total no. of emails was 892) just of two days not in the office.

Me too.. been talking about Af all the time.. Been wasting my time talking abt AF with my dear Julie, which happened that she gets boiled up when I was trying to emphasize my point that SM has been rating Kaer too high.. and later it get carried away with their personal life and so on.. well.. that's just it.. I'm not really a fanatical fan of AF. I like AF, like those stars to be that is to be borned from such program, but I'm just worried about people.. come on people get a life..

AF is like a major thingy. It's like an event of the week. I myself couldn't wait for the next AF concert (this saturday).. but i'm being eager not forthe concert itself. If I'm eager, I would have been enjoying those 10 free tickets to watch the concert live in stadium bukit jalil this saturday, instead, i gave it to those who really needs it..

For me, AF is just like a medium where I can be sitting with my family, or friend, to watch them together.. for the last few 1st concert, been watching it with my family, without miss. And now with Erein.. and lepak with friends.. isn;t it good for me who just have the time to walk from my house to seputih station, take commuter, then lrt, then take lrt to muamalat, do things there.. then get back to the office, then lrt to kl sentral and commuter to seputih, walk home and sleep?

In Sm's blog, the comment has never been able to stop flowing. I would never be able to read each and every single comments there. Once i read and refresh, there are more and more messages posted, and some are just irritating..

In this kind of event, there are people irritate, and there are people who get irritated.. Me myself was trying not to be getting irritated by julie, and ok.. i'm not that irritated with all her statements about AF, but i'm getting myself irritated with her attitude.. towards me.. i don't know why she's purposely tried to irritate me with such ways..

I was about to put my rate here.. to be honest, i would want to rate those Af finalist with my way.. honestly without prejudice, just based on their deliveries musically.. and based on what they've showed us...

Anyway.. this is it.. From best to worst...

Zahid :: What with versatile? People see him as copying other people.. But lemme ask u guys.. why are u listening to music..? I believe it's for entertainment. to cheer up.. and I believe Zahid is the right person to entertain you. versatile again? yes he is.. obviously.. even tho he is said to be copying other people's voice.. but the matter is.. even tho he copied other people's voice.. anything wrong with his singing? hell no.. he delivered his song nicely.. But some people might see him as proud, but i do believe he's a kewl guy.. nice to befriend with.. and the most i like about him.. naughty... just a quality person to be with.. all DIY (learn music all by himself)

Bob :: He deserves to be the second.. but what had happened? (now linda & adam at 2nd and 3rd).. i know most people don't like him, for his showing off attitude, talk like he's so damn good. I just don't give a damn about all that.. he even deserves to be the first in terms of singing + vocal control, but the package of him (body size maybe hehe) has limiting him from doing extravaganza things.. he's often found to be unfit, especially when he presents the rap song of yasin and too phat. I bet he'll be topping the list if he's just a humble person..

Farah :: Seriously.. I dun like her voice.. she has a gift of god to be having a very wide range of vocal octave. it may reach the 4th octave (as for me, i don't even reach the top of the 3rd octave.. so bad). What I expect from her is, she is to be able to actually use the voice that's coming out of her lungs.. not from the throat what he's been doing.. Even my parents is saying that she's screaming specialist.. Can u see Mariah carey singing high pitch tones.. does she screams? That's what i wanna see from farah as she's been having such a nice wide range of vocal pitch. All she has is raw voice. Anyways, she's been doing a very great job, I would never think that she's gonna make it to the final when i first watched AF2. She even deliever certain song much better than what I would expect from her.

Kaer :: At my first glance when i first watch first AF2 concerto, Kaer would be a great candidate to win this competition. He has vince's characteristics. I started to vote for him for quite sometimes and i stopped after Zahid made a wake up. He's just for R&B. He was 'R&B'ing all the songs he sang. His style is too typical towards the R&B. Anyway, he's good in terms of singing, but sometimes.. only semetimes we would listen to few few things like pitching error and so on. But i would love him to be start one day.

Linda :: Pretty. She can sing. But for me.. the most important thing, can she sing a truly malay song like keroncong (kencorong haha), melayu asli.. 60s malays song.. but she didn't make it. I was so frustrated as she firstly sang P. Ramlee song once ago.. when I was watching AF from JB, when i first heard it, I said to myself.. oh god.. and it happens again when she sang that 60s song.. and she was kicked out. Now she has been 'recycled' to be put back in into AF2. I just wish her a lot of luck. Even though she wins, she will have her very own fans but I can't see her as someone who can really perform. Linda herself is a blurred person on stage, never give attention to questions, and no PR at all.. Such a sad thing for people to put her up as a star.

Adam :: Enuf said.. i dun like him very much as Mas, Fitri, Anding and Nurul. It's not i don't like them for just anything.. there are not giving their full heart at their performance (note I don't mention zarina and edlin here) But for adam.. i just hate everything about her... (opppss.. him or her.. hahahaha) He's supposed to give his full heart to any song that was being given to him.. try his best.. even though he tried, he's just not honest honest.. he just can dance.. and sometimes rapping.. he should be a nigga then.. he hehe.. just trying to be emotional but guess I'm not that emotional enough.. I have a frozen heart..

Well.. as for the latest position

Zahid :: 24%
Linda :: 20%
Adam :: 20%
Farah :: 15%
Kaer :: 13%
Bob :: 10%

My saying does not really pictures the thinking of Malaysians.. cheers....!

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