August 13, 2004

AF2 :: More hot issues...

All of a sudden, life of 12 ordinary people, from Edlin, Fitri, Anding, Zarina, Nurul, Linda, Mas, Adam, Bob, Farah, Kaer and Zahid, has been extraordinarily highlighted every single day and night. Everywhere people is talking about AF. Tv in my house is no longer airing News at 8pm. It's all about AF.

Edlin should be thankful for being kicked out as early as the 3rd concert. Not so much attention being highlighted on her.. To be honest, I don't know her that much...

Fit3 was then being kicked out. He was being highlighted on his boutique and just a little about his family.

So goes with Anding and Nurul...

But Zarina, was being put into attention when she was first introduced to AF as the ex-GF of AF1's contestant, Khai.. Then all the history between them, their place of work.. and so on.. she was considered as one of the most shining contestant in AF until she was the 4th to be kicked out. Then she became front page for some newspaper (as I can remember, one of it was pancaindera mingguan Malaysia)

Mas, starting from the appearance of both of her children in one of the concert, which has been contributing to the growth of the votes being given to her. Apparently, the story doesn't end just like that. People keep talking, and talking.. and talking about it. It has been made a reason why sympathy should be given to this student, and this has cause a misunderstandings, curses, accusations and debates between the fans of AF2. Mas herself was not so enthusiastic to be kept inside, as she was not doing seriously inside there. A lot of issues surfaced, such as the Principal of AF, Ramli MS being complained for his reflects towards Mas's problem especially about the attention given by her in the class, and so many others.

Journalist even made a write up about her, interviewed Ramli MS about Mas and his behaviour toward Mas's attitude in the clas.. and there are readers who rebounced the article and commenting on some other issues caused by the behaviours of people inside AF.

Phewh.. it's so tiring to read all those comments and issues being posted on papers, blogs and so on.

Bob.. nothing much I know about him.. just only once when his father came to the concert, by the courtesy of Astro, i was thinking that he was like pretending to be in such a very good manner.. which I don't know why is that..

So goes to Adam.. i just know about he likes KRU so so so much.. Farah then.. I knew about her family.. ajust a lil bit then.. nothing that Astro.. haha.. now only I mention about Astro..



Nothing that astro can make an issue, or manipulate. That what I was thinking..

Not like Zahid, or Linda.. or even kaer.. there are a lotsa hidden stories about them...

Maybe it's not so obvious for us that Zahid issues was made, out of what he likes.. and out of his 'naughty' behaviour.. inside the AF, he's the one to make fun of everyone, tickle here and there and wha sort of things that will entertain himself. Outside of AF, people are making fun of him.. of his voice copying issues, about his liking to Misha Omar.. and what so ever...

And for Kaer, people even made a song about his unhappy family.. as I rumours saying that his father who was divorced and get married to another woman.. I'm not sure about this.. but that what I was told by people.. I do think such an issue shouldn't be highlighted or be brought forward. It's like we are getting into a level of paparazzi in the european (especially Great Britain), where people make use of those celebrities life to made fun of, to sells their tabloid papers and what sort.. so sad isn't it?

And lastly for Linda.. Maybe it's just rumours or it's maybe 'REAL'... lemme list it one by one what I've heard abt linda.. mainly I heard and read.. thru emails..

1. She's an unmarried person with a child. (Brandon)
2. She was so politically powerful in Ranau even people were saying that she is using her power to influent astro tu put her back in.
3. She flirts in AF..

So sad.. people are not only make fun of her.. but now, this is truly not a harmony community anymore.. we're in the process of developing new talents, new artists, but what we've got here.. a failure to serve the purpose.. Maybe we're developing new artists, but at the same time, we're developing the bad habit of having such bad gossip/rumours carried from mouth to mouth among us.. not only about the contestants, and also about Astro's credibilities.. which I do think it's quite relevant.. where they're not that transparent enough to all of us for the decisions made so far..


Well.. it's not the time for us to search the one to be blame.. As what I've been holding to, if u've a problem.. blame is not the way to solve it...

AF2 has not only been a media/stage to develop new talents that we should be doing, we're also developing new culture among people, and developing new culture within the media, and new culture of the way gossips/news being escalated, also new way of people communicate each other, either through ASTRO@15 thru sms, messages thru blogs, emails thru groupnet, and new way of evaluating people..

But it's still depends.. on how people see those issues.. as entertainment.. or problem.. it's still up to people.....

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