August 25, 2004

So f*ckin BZ + Mods to my Car..

After work on the saturday :: I went to the office, took my CDs, went back home, took my contact lenses case and the solutions,then headed to Serdang.. to do my car's ICE system (ICE = In Car Entertainment).

Now my car does have :: Two Amps, 1 800W amp and another one with 1600W. Two sub woofies, 10 inch Kenwood's, two new high powered tweeter. All other speakers I used the standard honda's speakers. Guess they're clarion's speakers.

My next plan :: PS2 inside my car. I have the LCD display.. And an MPEG card to my CD+MP3 Player. Then complete package..

Then :: Rushed back to my 'kampung' as there'll be a 'kenduri' for my bro's graduation.. some sort of thanxgiving, by letting people to be much fatter, giving out free dinner.. hehehe... Off for the kenduri.. Tasha called me.. but i was unable to hear it as I keep my hp in my bag. Julie texted me, as whe was sad, no one msged her for the whole day.. called her... then texted erein.. asking her how she's been doing.. then.. slept.

Sundae Morning :: Woke up.. and went to tampin to buy roti canai for ourselves.. i bought 20 pieces of roti canai from my aunt's mini restaurant.. and met with lin, the daughter.. she hardly recognize me.. well she's getting prettier and prettier.. i'm so happy to meet her then.. she hugged me when i was about to leave and then i straight away headed home.. had breakfast and drove back to Seremban.. and I'm actually intending to change my muffler.. as it has got a hole on it..

Seremban :: Nearly thw whole seremban.. me and my father go round to look for an exzos shop.. luckily there's one.. from initial plan.. which I just wanted to change the muffler, the whole exzos system was replaced..

- 2 inch piping..
- 5zigen stainless steel front box
- fireball stainless steel midbox
- mugen stainless steel muffler

And not only that.. the chinese guy succeeded to influent me to change the air filter..

- Type-R Filter hose
- HKS mushroom air filter.

well a complete free air flow car.. then drove back to KL. Together with my family went off to serdang.. to the mines.. supposed to go for the halal food convention but it's already ended the day b4. Then went off to buy some clothes for myself.. the family and later went to delifrance.. everyone was like hungry.. I was just having the plain water.. then i totally forgotten what i do next.. oh yeah.. sent my father to Bob's house.. and then left home..

Mondaeg :: Go to work.. paid all my monthly installments.. at nite.. went back home.. went to Erein's Shell Station.. fetched my father.. had my late supper with them.. bob, my father, erein's bro, erein and me.. then drove my father off to seremban.. had talk with him.. reached home and sleep..

Touseday :: woke up.. and listen to my father golden words.. hehehe.. and then drove off to Bangi.. do my work there.. off bangi abt 4pm.. wanting to see my siblings in Times Square.. but they're already inside the theme park.. so i can talk to them just from far.. feel a bit sad.. but true.. i really think i love my brothers and sisters.. so so much.. then about 5.30, stucked in the jam when I was on my was to Erein's shell station to fetch her.. and take her to her home in bukit antarabangsa... spent a lot of time.. talking.. talking abt so many things... then we went off to the karaoke contest.. Wye qualified for the final.. later on we went for late supper near pizza hut bukit bintang.. and there are only 3 straights there.. me, erein and mc na. The rest.. hehe.,. either homo or bi.. uweks... hehehe.. then sent erein to her shell station.. then went back and sleep.

Wenchsday :: tiring.. work sleepily.. chat with fiza for a while.. i really missed talking/chatting to her.. well, she's not having a lot of time to spend with me.. chat with julie too.. hei what happened to all my male friends.. none of them wants to message me this morning? then.. went to muamalat.. chat with new mate Ekin.. my eyes were nearly drop tearing as listening to her sad2 stories....

So the state of the art for today :: Not all the sad things happened to u is the wirst thing happened in your life. Other people had worse worse worse things compared towards your worst things happened in your life...

Have no pictures right now.. lazy to use my camera.. hehe..

take care guys.. whoever who read my blog... thanx for ye all support..!

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