August 11, 2004

Time to blog about AF2.. It's so near.. 2 the final...

I'm writing freely, and try not to be biased to anyone...

As I'm reading a lot from, as i haven't much time to watch the tv, except @ my mom's home.. We have a few kind of fans of AF2..

1. Fanatical... truly fanatical

- They are sometimes blind.. They look for certain other values of a person (participant of AF) without considering the most valuable value that is supposed to be put into consideration, talent in singing and entertaining. Most of the audience are from this category. Will spend a lot to AFUNDI.

2. Fan who looks for talent

- They are people who really understand the art of singing.. or at least they know who can sing and should be voted.. Less audience are from this category they will AFUNDI but just to vote..

3. Fan who just know to comment

- They are not voting. May vote for sometimes.. but as usual.. like NATO.. No action talk only.

These are the groups of people who read the blogs and always chatting on TV.. AF is like a very big event.. The weekend is spared to watch this live event in RIA@ASTRO. I myself usually went back to Senawang and watch it with my family. Only once I watched it with Erein in her hous in Bukit Antarabangsa and Once with Tasha and Farhan Last Week, on that birthday party.

Back to the participant.. Who would agree with me that Zahid and Bob are the two top performers? They are versatile and would be able to sing just any songs given to them. For me.. the participants are also belonged to 3 groups..

1. Talented & versatile
- Talented, gifted and would be able to sing any song given to them. Easy to learn anything.

2. Talented & not versatile
- Talented and gifted, but limited to only certain songs due to their limitation of capability. It depends on their mood to learn anything..

3. Not talented..
- Maybe gifted with good voice, appearance, but it's about singing.. come on..!

Talented as taken from [link]

Talent :: A marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment
Talented :: Furnished with talents; possessing skill or talent; mentally gifted

Learning is also an art.. so to learn you need to be talented as well.

For me, this time.. student who can be categorized in the 1st group, which is talented and versatile.. the first 2 would be Zahid and Bob, while the next two would be Farah & Zarina..

Why not Linda.. or Mas.. or Adam.. or Kaer tho?

Actually, I do think Edlin can sing much2 better than other people.. but she's not as good tho.. may not be good looking.. or for whatever reason, she was da first being kicked out of the game. But I really think she can sing.... well it's people who didn't vote her in.. and during other people is happy doing concert, all we can see is edlin sitting down there.. doing nothing..

Talking about other people.. Nurul, Fitri & Anding, as they're not in, yeah.. i do agree with the voters not to vote him back.. they're totally out of my list.. Fitri really can't sing.. Anding can only dance.. he can sing.. but please.. I still need the true picthing.. technique doesn't matter, because it's not esential at this level, but in the singing contest, without pitching, it won't sound as a song at all.. Music is something beautiful.. They're just the peopl who ruined it. Anyway, I just wonder how Nurul survived longer than Zarina.. even tho she just can't sing...

What about Adam... or Mas..

Mas had a very good voice.. i truly admired her voice. especially, lately, when she was trying her best to present that sheila majid's song, i think she had all the essential voices. They're there.. but she just can't sing nicely.. she doesn't pay attention at her singing classes.. I'll bet she'll be a very good singer with the voice that she's having. even Misha Omar wished that she had a voice of Mas. It's really a 'Suara Emas Mas' (translated as Golden Voice od Mas). Well, she survived till the 9th concert.. it's good enuf for her.. whenever I actually think either, Zarina or Edlin would deserve to be in..

What about Adam.. he's just a time waster.. i dun like him.. his attitude towards his assignment... and his attitude towards his future.. I don't know what would happen if Farah is not there.. or Fauziah Nawi, but I wonder why would people gave their votes to Adam.. and even noe, he's given the song he wished for.. but still he can't make it.. we'll just see..

Zarina? She's just lovely.. even tho she's having this one problem with her voices coming out of her nose.. she's able to maintain her right pitch for each song she sang. And she's a sweetheart of everyone.. i would love her too hehe..

Linda.. hmm.. she has a good voice.. but.. as u can see... she's just can't sing any malay song.. so what's the use? People in malaysia would listen to malay song much more than english song. Linda wouldn't be able to make it. This is just my opinion..

Kaer.. he's good at first.. but lately.. he was like to willing to continue with all this. but I do hope he'll carry on!!!

What about Zahid, Bob, Farah? u know it.. they're there in the final.. It's just abt Farah.. I have no worries for Bob and Zahid as they're a real performer, even tho tgey will not win.. a lotsa big opportunities are waiting for them out there..

Well.. do nowaste your time.. AFUNDI ZAHID!!!!!

Any comment.. ?

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