August 18, 2004

As Expected :: Zahid won..

Nuthing much should I say... As adored Zahid had won the AF2, even tho his performance that nite was not as good as I was expecting it should be.

On last saturday :: Was working the whole day.. from 9 to 6.. then went off to Ampang Park, seeing Erein, Anis and Kak Sid, joined them karaoke'ing.. till late 8.. and then went to pandan to take Erein's Ex fiancee to watch AF2 final with us..

It wasn't fun :: With wann (Erein's Ex Fiancee) watching with us.. I guess everyone was not happy. He's not mixing around.. with his fierce face.. Even Anis who was planning to sleep over there too had changed her mind.. I myself changed my mind.. I was supposed to be staying there over night.. as i'm gonna cook for them the next day.. anyway.. I sneaked out with Anis, Kak Sid and Mekna out to town.. Anis went off to her hubby's office and the rest of us went off to town.. bangsar had drink at the Syed's Bangsar.. from there.. had chat and only now i know mekna is actually working for NST.. she's a kewlie gal from Kelantan..

Talk :: About a lotsa things... especially abt my father.. BOB.. what else.. and later they sent me off home.. sleep...

Sundae :: Wake up early.. took the cab to kl sentral and took commuter to Seremban... approximately at 11, my brother fetched me from the commuter station.. (ahh.. i'm still able to picture that sweet memory there.. a very sweet i would never forget...) Went home.. rest for a while and then drive away to my kampung in melaka.. planning for the new chalet we're going to build near my granma's house.. then went back to Seremban.. At nite.. then drive to JB... all the way from Seremban to JB I was thinking about Fiza.. but i called Julie.. wanted to call Fiza.. but em.. I don't know.. then Asha called me.. she accompanied me all the way from I guess Kulai to JB.. I did asked her where's ur boy but she insisted me not to ask that again.. wish Fiza or Tasha is calling me right now.. then.... I was so tired.. when i was home.. w/o taking off my lenses.. I went to sleep..

Moondaeg :: Wake up early in the morning.. followed my father to work.. Today.. I'm gonna take my JEP 2662 out of it's place.. with a B16A4 machine inside + newly black painted body.. went to the breakfast.. we had a long talk.. after quite some times.. my father had been asking me about my future plan.. I know myself.. without having anyone by my side would leave me alone without any future plan.. he talked abt girls too.. i've been telling all this while how i was doing.. thinking and see things.. I did tell him about how much I'd love to learn more about cooking.. well.. he just asked me a favor.. my hair.. my style.. he just want me to be matured.. not like what I'm now.. we'll see.. then we went off to the workshop..

Manage my car :: Went to the finance to get the permission letter to change the engine.. and then to Puspakom.. There I met with Haji Bardam.. we chat and laugh as usual.. exchange stories.. yeah.. we've not been in touch for quite sometimes.. he did all the inspection to my car all by himself.. then drove back home.. getting ready to drive back to kl but my father asked me to stay for a while.. I told him about the dysfunctional alarm of my car.. then he asked me to fix it in JB first then only go back..

Went back to KL :: after fixing them.. then only i start my journey to KL.. dropped by Seremban to take all my things .. and drove off to KL.. with my brother actually.. ariived home.. and sleep..

Touseday :: Went to work.. attend a course... lunch with ye yann at KL sentral.. pity my bro he was wearing my fir shoes.. (fit to him but okay to me) and having blisters.. after work.. went off home.. took bath.. and went to mid valley.. bought a new pair of shoes (futsal) as we're going to play futsal tonite.. Futsal was good.. then.. went to late dinner.. talk about car with Wira.. Farok and Hemsem.. and then went to jamming.. then went back home.. my brother was severly injured for his blisters.. and now only i know he was nearly broken his ankle during the game.. then we went to sleep..

Wenchsday :: My bro really worry me.. we went off to my office.. had breakfast and i let him go.. i went up to the office.. and my boss asked me to go to muamalat with him.. i was talking with Fiza in Yahoo messenger.. and off to muamalat.. and again talk again with Fiza.. I don't know why.. i used to talk to her a lot.. and today I just find it so amusing to talk to her.. she's one nice girl.. tasha called today.. and asha was asking me out for lunch.. I just can't.. then I went off to lunch with my boss and all his 40++ friends.. haha.. worked till nearly 7 and went off back to office and wrote this blog..

AF :: People were still talking.. well.. enuff said.. now I'm going to spend my time more with my JEP 2662.. it needs my attention so much.. hehe..

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