August 9, 2004

Linda was out but now she's back in!!!

Last Wenschday :: Go to work as usual.. At around 5 i ciao'ed and go to karaoke with erein and kak sid. They sent me off home. Asha called me before going to sleep....

Last Thirstdaeg :: Go to work as usual.. went off the office at around 10.00 o'clock. Then went off to the karaoke contest with erein and kak sid.. and then went off home. Talked with Julie and later with Tasha on the phone.. I think I miss Tasha so much..

Last Fridae :: Erk.. didn't go to the Fridae Prayer.. forgotten since I and my boss walk around in KLCC to look for goods. Then work late till 10. Later Kak sid fetched me up at the Dang Wangi station.. went to latinos.. haha.. I learnt latin dance today.. kak sid was working hard to teach me how.. I'm the kind of 'wooden leg'.. haha.. well met Bob there.. and later, after the Akademi Fantasia rehearsal, Wai and her friend joined us, comot and two transvestite.. They're so large I'm scared.. Then went off, Erein asked me to stay in her house in Bukit Antarabangsa and she went off her family home. And then I tried to sleep, but i think it's so messy around so I took some time to clean everything off and gone sleep..

Shatterday :: A tiring sleep. A lot of bad dreams was haunting me nowadays.. I woke up and i tidy up the whole house.. And now it looks good.. already.. Erein came and made me a cup of coffee at around 12++ where i was like about to sleep on the couch while i was watching the Akademi Fantasia Diary on Astro 4. I took my bath and we off to Jusco WangsaMaju. Bought present for her brother and sister, who were just graduated, had lunch at the Johnny's steamboat, lucky she's actually love it, and she eats there everyday.. hehe.. took the things she bought, and went off to her shell station, she took some things and then kak sid joined us, sending me back home in Taman Desa. Took my bathe, sent me off to bandar tasik selatan and I commute to seremban in about an hour..

In Seremban :: Iwan fetched me.. went off home.. prayed (hehe) and went out again to Seremban 2. Gonna fetch Tasha and Farhan to a birthday party.. arrived there.. have a long talk with farhan's mom and suddenly the akademi fantasia started.. hahaha.. Spend sometime to watch zahid's performance.. he's good man.. then we went off to the party..

In the party :: Not really a party. It happens to be some people coming, and there are foods being served.. i was trying not to take rice... tasha was insisting me to be eating rice as she was.. but i say, i will, if and only if she feed me.. haha.. anyway.. she fed me.. with her own hand.. kewl kewl.. hahaha.. and we took pictures..

This is my beloved Tasha...

And this is Farhan..

I'm bullying a kid, i asked her to kiss me if she wants to take the ball.. hahaha..

Akademi Fantasia :: Watched the result.. yeah.. i'm totally happy as mas went off the game.. but they're announcing that one of the contestant that has been kicked out of the game will be getting back to the game, based on the people's sms vote.. and then we started to vote.. sent them off home and and I myself went off home and chit chat with my mom b4 went to sleep.. talked to asha.. talked to erein and talked to tasha as well.. guess tasha missed me already.. and i miss .. erein too.. hehe..

Sundaeg :: wake up late... without bathing, snet my brother, izzat to the bus station.. then followed my father, as he's buying some vege.. my uncle is visiting us.. then went off to giant.. i bought some karaoke cd.. as I'm going to learn some new song.. hei.. the karaoke contest is just next week.. but then.. my uncle came with only one of his daughter..

That's my sister, with Arifah.. my cousin..

After they went off.. i took the CD and listen to them.. the went to the shop, my father asked me to buy some more credit for his handphones and we're voting zarina in.. but at 8.. as they announced.. Linda was in.. and she'll be getting in on Monday.. had dinner, watched Do Re Mi on TV and wen t to sleep.. just b4 i went to sleep, asha called.. Tasha called but i pretend to be sleeping and called her back with a voice.. haha.. then erein called me telling me that she had went off her office and spending some time on her own.. then.. i went to sleep..

Moondaeg :: Wake up early.. drive my sister's car.. arrived in KL about 6.55, i went up to my home and dress up for office, then drive to the office.. do this thing and now I felt like sleeping.. haha..

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