July 17, 2004

Saturday :: Pain in the eyes....

Hei.. to all so called 'Idols' fans out there, check this out

American Idol’s William Hung Found Dead of Heroin Overdose

I think the whole site is crap (taken from imee's hehe)..

Today I realized something. So far, for the past 4 years of working, each of all my jobs doesn't require me to be working on saturdays. But I've always been working on saturdays. There are so many things to be done, not even lately, earlier maybe in the future. It's good not to be working on saturdays, so that u can complete all your pending jobs wihtin the 2 days of weekend.

Fine, last thursday nite i went back late, at around 10.00 o'clock in the evening. Then we (me and my boss) went out for tea and later he sent me back home.

Friday morning, as usual, wake up early (at 6.00 am) and went to work. My boss picked me up today. We've a lotsa things to be done. Me myself had to empty up my pc, as they're gonna take it back; as i'd got a new pc for myself. Then started to write the proposal paper of where can we get in for the project. Went to friday prayer and continue doing my paper, nothing else. Went out of the office at around 9, went to setiawangsa, met bob, took the car from him, and went back home.

And last nite, I just went off to bed with everything intact (shirt, pants, socks, belt, contact lense, my backpack) sleeping tiredly. I was damn tired.

And today, went up as early as 6.30 (on saturday, my off day), that's ridiculous for most people but it works for me as I just need enuf sleep for myself. Removed everything, especially contact lenses, i was afraid that my eyes might be getting infection again for sleeping with it. Called people.. hei I'm bored.. called Lego.. talked to him.. and then I get up, get myself ready to the office (ya know i need a lot of time in bathroom and making up, slow moving ass I am hehe)

Asha called when I was just igniting my car, she asked whether should she come over to take me to the office or not. And she's actually trying to ask me out.. haha.. I'm going back to Seremban today.. So i guess it's not possible.. and I miss my Farah so much..

And I wonder why is Asha coming back after so long. I'd prefer going out with people I knew I won't be able to tackle, so that I would never think of wooing her, even though i like her so much hehe. Or someone who I know wouldn't be falling on me, so that I can talk and talk and talk without having to stopm just talk about anything, u know, guys like me will always talk about how the girls shouls look like, or how big the breast she should have... or whatever it is.. about a girl..

Luckily Asha is not an Internet Savvy, so she wouldn't be reading this.. I've her picture but should I put it here? I was kinda like to put pictures in here.. but Asha..? heh..

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