July 15, 2004

It's killing me...

Futsal :: That touseday evening, I went to Serdang with Unie and met my sister there. Took the car from her. Went to RND to see some friends but they'ren't around, and straight heading to Taman Desa. A while in the shell station, and get back home. At 8.30, went to Pantai Hillpark to fetch Ayu and Nana and took 'em to the Futsal Game. I scored 6 goals. Later went to late dinner with 'em, Bisu, Hemsem and Bahar. Eric went back earlier as to solve some of his issues. Get back home and sleep.

Wednesday :: Again a boring day... Full of work.. and I did a few mistakes... 1. taking down the UAT service accidentally. Luckliy my boss covered up the case for me. 2. I'm not sure either it's my mistake or what, but I've upgraded the Murex version on the TRAIN environment and it works very well but when I did it on UAT, everything in the database is gone. I was trying to recover anything I could do in the database last nite but the oracle service went down at 8 and hafta wait for the oracle service to be brought up later. Went back to Taman Desa, took my dinner and get back home. My head was so burdened by the problem and I just slept without changing anything. Suddenly Asha called me at 12.30 and we had a long talk then..

Thursday :: Woke up and it's 5.30 in the morning.. Ouch.. I didn't remove my contact lenses. Get myself ready for today, rushingly and after I locked the front door, i realized that I didn't put on my perfumes. So what. 6.15 arrived in the office. Start my work with the oracle. from 6.30 to 8.00, i was experimenting on how to actually import the existing data in other database to the database that I'm suppose to get the data in. At last, I keyed 'em in one by one manually. At 9. Managed to get it done. Went down for breakfast and then went to serdang.

In Serdang :: While waiting for my sister to come out from her hostel, I've got a call from my boss that BCB declared today as the Treasury Disaster day. So I was required to come over to Bangi to be there.. Just to be there to help. Then my sister sent me to RND and there, my friend sent me to Bangi. Thanx to Elizany and Firdaus for sending me there..

In Bangi :: I've prepared the Testkey and TPS with the latest data being updated to the server. Then they come.. There's a lot of sudden problems and requests, but fine, everything works as it is supposed to be working. And the Murex error keep haunting me as my boss keep updating me about the error. Damn.. @#$%^&*.. Free lunch.. a nice bitch-looking chick from the audit team and bitchy dealers from the 10th floor doesn't really makes me happy at all. All the burden is now being on my boss's shoulder and i should do seomthing about it. Was trying to setup the stupid email, which they just only happen to know the password, without knowing the ID, address and the domain. Then get back to Pantai.. and writing this blog.

Now :: As I said, the problem won't actually happen if I'm there for them, just now, I've just got a call from Zaul saying that something was wrong with the processing. I just asked him to restart the pc, and later he called back saying everything is fine, but still, I'm required to go to Muamalat to restore the data back to his PC. hehe.. I'm really tired about this but I guess, I just have to do it.

Life's getting more trouble to be entertained.. & Now I know how does it feels to be in love. The bad things is, it does gimme trouble too. A friend of mine, Asha, is falling in love with someone. But, she keeps calling me to ask what is right and wrong. It was okay at first, but she keep asking me what should be done, and seems like she's not going to be herself just to win the heart of the person she fell in love with.

She used to like me 3-4 years back, secretly.. hehe.. but I was a moron for being so loyal back then haha.. She was acting differently few weeks ago whenever we talk she kept asking what a 'male' prefers, likings and what ever things she wanted to know about man. Asha is a nice lil gal who I think doesn't have any problem in getting any guy she likes, but at her age of 26, she's so careful, for not letting herself doing more and more mistakes in her life. But i think that's just fine.. She's so sweet to please the guy which i think just isn't necessary.. And nicely I answered all the things she asked, but there's only one question left unanswered for her..

For sure it's about me u moron, whoever is reading this.. I'm going to Muamalat now.. blah!!!

* And u know what.. I really miss my Farah.. and I just stole this picture from my sister's friendster page.

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