December 21, 2004



I feel so lazy nowadays. Not in the mood even to write my blog.

Maybe, I've talked so much.. Yesterday I was talking to Ija, today in the morning i talked to Fiza, in the afternoon i talked to a stranger, happened to be Hemsem's friend or maybe someone he's trying to lob for a project in the TNB IT.

I was then blamed for going out late from the Menara Telekom's 3rd floor cafetaria for showing off what i've done within the execution of the building's Intelligent system. I don't know, I just talked too much...!!!!!

.: Today :.

Yeah man... I'm kewl there.. after almost a year i've been keeping this to myself, I must see Fiza no matter what, and it happens today. Such a big event to me huh? Hmm.. I guess it's a 'yes'. As I've finished doing my work earlier in the morning, i didn't realize that it's already 8.30 in the morning. I get online and saw Fiza get online'd' as well. Guess she must be already in the office.

She warned me to better be quick as she might be called up at anytime since almost of her dept. colleague were away on leave. As I was rushing there, in fact, I drive real slow, no need to rush.. I was thinking how 'cold' or 'keras' she would be.

Well, she was not. She talked easily as we've been meeting each other for so many times already. Gewd. We were talking about so many things. God I love talking to her. Really. The I was sitting there with her from 9.45 to 12.45. She asked to leave then, my heart is not gonna let her go but I've to.

I'm gonna miss talking to her. I'm gonna miss her too...

.: Karaoke??? :.

Then I called Romdzi to get off his ass from his office to come and see me downstairs. As I can remember, during my working time with Telekom R&D, waiting in front of the Menara Telekom's Lobby was alright but today I was asked to leave after 5 minutes. Waiting for this good friend of mine was quite sometime so I decided to go drive around the tower till he reached the lobby. Well, hemsem asked us to get ourselves to the 3rd floor.

Here, I talked a lot again.. I'm not actually trying to be kewl, or clever, or what ever. I'm just trying to be nice to people. You know, if I'm about to ignore people, I'll just ignorantly not talking to them and made faces. But I do think that guy is a nice guy so I was there talking till everyone gets bored. Pity them.. haha.. a ruined me..

I remember Sazuan told me, she can't remember me being talkative during school.

Well, I think this all happens after the accident. Guess, I've got the blood donated by a talkative person. Worse, I tend to be too active and to excited at times. This is just a bunch of shit I had in my mind.. shit shit shit....

S we were then went out to KTV bangsar and went in for the Rm8 per head package. I took lunch, and sang. I do think I sang badly nowadays. Ya know, I've not been seen in the KTV for quite sometimes so what do u EXPECT???


Now I'm home. Gotta plan for he thing next.. 2nite, Uptown, gonna visit Marina's newly opened stall. Gonna try how slurpy she cook there.

Just, I pitied her for being fooled by a friend of mine....

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